Okay, so now baring an overbooked flight from sydney (I guy can hope, can't he), final words from the road.

  • Take lots of pictures. I stopped right about the time I started having fun - camera was too big to carry around. I have memories but more pictures would be nice.
  • Big cotton towels are hard to carry around, conversly those little travel towels would hardly dry an elf (I left my cotton towel in cairns so I know first hand). A happy medium must be found.
  • Be a fool. If I look back at what i've written and emailed, I look like a complete loon, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Makes me feel alive.
  • Use absolutely every resource you have to do everything you can. It's only money, and all too soon you'll be back at work.
  • Never complain about a hostel room or the next one will be worse. Checking out and back in to sydney central got me out of the room with naked man from some faraway country and into a ground level room sleeping above a guy who's snoring could cut through walls.
  • Don't be an american. In that I mean the typical american tourist. Every loud obnoxious complaining tourist is always american. I've apollogized many times for my countrymen (especially our president).
Of that list, being the fool is the most important I'd say. After all that I did and went through last night I got a call from Dawn. She was sad I couldn't come up, said she should have brought me down the coast with her. She's been having fun but would prefer the company. And that I must return. She still calls me Chicken. It was worth everything to try, next time all of my tickets will be changable.

So as not to concern that I'll be insane when I get back to seattle :) I realize the lows come with the highs and that it's a good thing just to have some passion in life, regardless of how it pulls at you.

I played Yahtzee (Knuffle) with two germans (Natelie and Petra) until midnight last night. Man my accent has slipped.

So more quick lists, the people I've met: Dawn, Niamh, Tim, Hue Le, Lavina, Anna, Graham, Trevor, Dave. The people I've run across, "Chip" the drunken american with a tan to show, "guy who's in every airport I am but who's name I don't know", Arno, "very drunk swiss man at an all UK table", Natelie, Petra. More people than days, a good thing I'd say.

Train in an hour, then 2.5 hours till flight from Sydney to LA (flight 107), time to get a move on.


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