Small Continent After All

Quick update, it turns out the french girl I met up on Uluru is in fact german. Somehow we ended up on the same baggage claim in Cairns and on the same bus to different hotels. Chatted for the ride and when I asked where she was from in france she said she was just speaking french to a random couple on the rock and that she's actually from Munich. She chided me for having let my german lapse, I seem to be getting chided a lot from europeans. Turns out she's a pretty serious diver and had just come from Thailand where she spent three weeks diving. Apparently it rivals the great barrier reef for interesting places to dive and isn't nearly as crowded. So now I "have to" go to thailand, france, germany again, paupa new guinee, and then the dozen or so towns and cities around australia that have their own special attractions.

I can't believe I ran into Anna, what are the odds?


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