Woohoo and Doh

Had a great time with some UKers last night. Tim, Elsa and myself went out to dinner to try and stave off falling asleep at 8 from exhaustion. On the way back we ran into an Irish girl named Daun I'd met just that morning. She and her friend Neve had gotten some cheap but hideously timed flights so arrived in Cairns around 8:00 in the morning, hadn't slept, and couldn't check in to the hostel until noon. Understandably she was pretty tired, but being irish it didn't take much to convince her to come out with us. She went back and fetched Neve (who was already asleep) and we went to a little bar around the corner. Daun and Neve were in insurance but quit to travel for a year because being in insurance when you're 24 is just sad (they're words). Elsa is studying law down in brisbane but is on some form of break for the next few weeks and Tim is traveling around with two friends (who are currently out at Uluru) but has just finished university. We had a great time, talked about music and the virtues of Guiness, only had to deal with one very trashed american who wanted to show everyone how good his tan was below the belt. But regardless it was fun and we'll probably go out again tonight. There's only one problem...

See I'm supposed to be on a boat on it's way to the outer great barrier reef right now, obviously I'm not. I wasn't really sure of the pickup time for my tour so got up and went out at around 7:30. Turns out it was 6:45. There was No possibility I was going to be up and ready by then, I was barely up and ready for 7:30. Thankfully the tour company is pretty forgiving, so now I'm going tomorrow, no extra charges. I had to find something to do with the day so I'm most likely heading to Wild World this afternoon where you get to go in and play with a mob of kangaroos and hold koalas and all that sort of stuff (see picture, from their website). It should be fun, and I'd planned on doing something similar, I'd just planned on doing it after diving. Oh well.

Also, it's cheaper to get film developed here (with picture CD) so I had my first 6 rolls developed (halfway through roll 7). I'm kind of anxious to see if any of the night sky turned out, though I don't have much hope for that given how bright the moon was that night.

Back to see if Tim's awake yet. I think he's stuck in Cairns today too, see if he has any ideas for the rest of the day.


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