Fight Club

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I saw the house from Fight Club today. Not the actual house (this is seattle after all) but one that could have passed for it quite easily. Quick pictures first then some description.

Living Room Bathroom

The house is listed for sale as having good structural integrity and the perfect "project" house. What they don't mention is that it doesn't have such interior fineries as several walls or a hot water heater. Or a working bathroom. Or a kitchen (it doesn't lack a clean or working kitchen, it's missing the entire room).

Nor, I suppose, does it list the many things that come free with the house:

  • 9 chest-of-drawers of varying sizes.
  • Two very old console style televisions, and three tube radios.
  • Assorted musical instruments (horn, violin, gramaphone).
  • Assorted Toys (sled, several cap guns, bow and arrow set).
  • Assorted Porno. Of course you have your standard vintage Playboys from the 60's (some didn't even have a year, just "august" as the issue date), but lest the ladies feel left out there were a couple of issues of "Dude" and "Wet Sheets" scattered about.
  • Lots of old magazines and books of the non-pornographic variety.
It's the last item that really leads me to compare this place to the house out of fight club, well that and the state of disrepair. In one of the upper rooms there was a stack of Life magazines from lord knows how long ago and sitting next to it were three boxes of various human anatomy books. I kept thinking "I am Jack's lower intestine...".

I didn't actually get a chance to jot notes as I went around, but other things that caught my eye and I remember (I like lists):

  • single broken toilet with kitty litter box next to it in the furnace room - convenient.
  • Holes in the walls, floor, ceiling for easy access.
  • Why run electrical wiring through the walls when it can just as easily be stapled to the outside?
  • A house really does need two work shops, neither of which have outside access.
  • The amount of porn is truely disturbing given then only photo we found in the house was of a 60 year old woman.
  • The mail slot empties onto the stairs about halfway up the first flight.
I think whoever first built this house was playing a collosal joke on whoever first bought it.




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