The topic of conversation the other day somehow got to hampsterdance.com and how it had changed since it's glory days. Now there's flash animation, and they sell a CD, and the song has been remixed. It was kind of disappointing because we wanted to show someone the original "old skool" hampsterdance. They have a page that's just got all of the dancing hampsters of old - but the music was changed, not nearly as annoying as it once was, and the original was nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, today a friend sent me a link to emotioneric.com (which is worth wasting your time one) that had the original song tucked away on the site. Naturally I took it.

dedodedo.wav (107k).
So with a little patience once could reconstruct the original hampster dance. I won't bother because that's a waste of time even for me (translation: expect to see it in a few days).

I had hoped that trusty old purple.com could withstand the internet's drive for profit, but sadly no. There's an FAQ and pricing for leasing purple.com per month (five grand).

Oh well. With a domain name of no discernable value and uncertain origins, there's little risk of that happening here.

Damnation, that song won't get out of my head!


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