Yes and No and Yes and No

Here is the quick run down of what's happened, it's commical to everyone includind myself so feel free to laugh at me. This is the short version, longer can be related in person.

I try and stay later to go visit dawn, I am unable to.

I arrive early to check in to my return flight, it's delayed 10 hours, I think maybe I can use this as leverage to allow me to delay my flight.

Call Qantas, they say I can delay my flight, I've been able to this whole time you just had to read the rules right. I'm happy. I call Dawn. She's happy.

I set about delaying my flight. Dawn calls back, says she doesn't want me flying cross country just to holiday with her. She says sorry if kissing me confused things (I'm easily confused).

I think about it for a while, I may be able to just chill with her and niamh, but not just yet (it always takes me about a week to get unconfused). Tell her, she's sad but understands. We'll talk later and I still want to come back soon so will see her and others then - easier this way.

Throughout this I've been mentioning what's going on to all around me. At the end I come off as an incurable romantic. Three young women smile at me sympathetically. One invites me up to her hotel room for wine. At this point I realize where I've ended up and I laugh.

Rollercoasters have nothing on this segment of my life :)


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