I swear this has a point.

I heard from a friend who worked at Disney a few years back that people in costumes are never allowed to break character. Ever. If their about to pass out from heat exhaustion and taking their giant foam head off would save them they just have to roll their eyes and try to not swallow their tounge. Some (all?) of them though appear to take great pride in this. Bullet point list of how I got on this topic.
  1. Search for "Gummi Bears" on google's image search (no real reason).
  2. See pictures of Gummi Bears the Cartoon.
  3. Search for "Darkwing Duck" - why not, it's sort of related.
  4. Be slightly disturbed by one guy's obsession with female disney characters.
  5. stumble across this page: http://www.davis-reno.com/characters.htm
This guy collects signatures from disney characters - or at least the people in costume at the disney parks. A little odd I thought but I looked at some of the signatures and was duely impressed by the level to which these people play their characters. Bashful signed his sheet in a tiny little scrawl. Beast used big block letters. Dopey and Hook each had trouble writing clearly though for different reasons, while Darkwing (how I found it) used very superhero-esque stylized D's in his signature. It was just kind of cool that these guys would put that amount of effort into playing their part. I don't know that I would.



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