We had the house we're looking to buy inspected the other day, I got an electronic copy of the inspection report and read over it last night. There are a couple of things in it that will should to be fixed and we're trying to get the seller to pay for some of them. Here's my favorite:
19. Electrical Service, Over Current Devices
The electrical panel is a Zinsco brand panel. Reports of failure with this equipment have been reported. Failure included breakers failing to trip at the stated ratings, breakers that exploded, and breakers that still have power when turned to the "off" position. These also have poor breaker connections to bus bars, and some of these panels have insufficient wire bending space and insufficient gutter space. There may also be incompatible metals between the bus bars and the breakers which may lead to deterioration over time. Listed replacement breakers for these panels are available but are very expensive. Many electricians advise the immediate replacement of Zinsco panels. Consulting a licensed, qualified electrical expert on this matter is recommended as replacement of the panel should be considered for preventive safety considerations.
FPE/Zinsco Panels
So Mike was correct when he said he'd never heard of "Zinsco" and that it looked a little "odd". Needless to say, even if they won't pay for that one we will be replacing the panel before we move in :)


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