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Quite some time ago I wrote a letter to the Fox television coporation asking about rights to use a large volume of simpsons quotes in a fan driven website. It was an interesting idea (though nearly impossible to implement as it turns out) so I figured I'd give it a go and ask for legal permission. Well I got a letter today from a legal firm in california that represents Matt Groening saying that while they appreciate fan support they cannot authorize me to use/publish massive amounts of simpsons quotes. They were actually pretty nice about it, said they understood the intended use, noted it wouldn't be covered by fair use and that some form of license would be required however there was no way I could be granted a license because so many people hold rights to various portions of the simpsons it would impossible to get sign off from all of them. Not nearly the rabid pack of lawyers corporate firms are always made out to be :)

For those that don't know, the idea... well actually it's more of a thesis. Basically it states that any definable moment in life can be related back to a simpsons quote or scene. Sort of a 1-degree of separation premise. You know, you eat something nasty -> "It tastes like burning". You're trapped on a boat and don't wish to be there -> the scene where Bart is being hunted by sideshow bob and is running back and forth on the house boat. Stuff like that.

So the list of emails I've gotten that come from people I don't know (not counting spam).

  • Rob from
  • Interest in the WOPR case.
  • Helpful information about my Zinsco brand circuit breaker panel.
  • John from
  • Interest in Jeni's fake vampire teeth.
  • and now from Matt Groening's lawyers.
I like lists :)


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