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I saw a bit of the Dave Chapelle show a few weeks ago and it was pretty darn funny. They had a bit in it for the "Playah Hater awards" that was pretty funny (they had some good digs at Kelly Osborne, so who wouldn't like it) but there was a great skit with Chapelle as the main character in Grand Theft Auto. Today BBSpot happend to have a link to someone's capture of it. I shouldn't be surprised that this exists, it's geek targeted and funny so of course someone's going to take the time to capture it. It's actually kind of surprising that I didn't :) Anyway, converted the original MPEG to Windows Media since it's about 20% of the size.


Enjoy, I laughed my ass off.


Its actually spelled Chappelle. Yeah its really funny though. I like that episode.


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