Basically every free waking moment I've had for the last several weeks has been devoted to getting the house ready to move in to and then most recently the actual moving. It was by and large fairly boring and monotonous work, however there were a few highlights. For example:

Ripping out my shower (it's leaky) started out as painstakingly chipping the tile off of the sheet rock in a vain (and failed) effort to save the rock behind it. After about a day of that I discovered it was much more efficient (and fun) to simply wail at the wall with a 22 ounce framing hammer, smashing through both tile and sheetrock, to carve a trench down the wall then reach in and peel of whole sheets of tile at a time. Very satisfying on a primal level. All fun and games until I did that to the ceiling and had not only tile shards rain down on me but 40 year old black loose insulation as well.

Just this weekend we moved all of our stuff from the old house to the new one. We made good progress and got everyone's posessions to the new house then went back to clean out all of the storage areas. It appears we have an equal volume of stuff people have kept for no discernable reason and don't want to admit is theirs. Included in this list are

  • a 4 foot fake christmas tree
  • 4 cases of bottled beer - some opened and consumed
  • 2 boxes of kitchen utensiles, toasters, glasses and what appears to be a very wide, flat fondu pot.
  • 3 bankers boxes full of underwear.
And I thought the fight club house was bad. We're still not completely done.

Finally, just today I came to work and found my access card didn't let me in the building. It wasn't that I'd had my access removed, it just didn't even see it as a valid card. Apparently the interal circuitry of the card had been cooked somehow. Possibly related to playing with the electical wiring of our house on friday? nah. Happy Mike lent me the 1000 volt golves again though.


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