holy hell

13 gigs. 13 GIGS of bandwidth used in the last two days due to those starwars movies. Given that I have a monthly limit of 6 gigs I had to yank the files for now, sorry (you'll notice the links don't work).

Now seems like a good time to give a plug for Apollo Hosting (my hosting company) since rather than charge me exhorbinant fees they gave me a 3 day grace period to throttle down bandwidth usage. Fees may come, that's not clear, but at least they give me time to resolve it, it's a nice touch I think.

13 gigs... all from a 3 meg movie file; I mean, do the math.

UPDATE: $50 - well that and a bunch of fenegaling. I upgraded my account to where I was now slightly less over my limit and then the $50 bought me enough extra bandwidth to get through the rest of the month. The files will still stay yanked though since I'm not left with that much extra :)


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