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Unmitigated wastes of bandwidth are enjoyable to me. Or at least it would seem so since I've been through two in the preceeding months and may very well bring on another with this post, ah well. My office mate Chad sent me this movie (originally from though good luck finding a link) which is far too good not to share. It's an apple switch campaing spoof - and there have a been a lot of them - but the only one that made me actually laugh out loud.

Anyway, since it's mac related the file is naturally windows media because it's smaller and I'm too lazy to convert it to a collosal mpeg file, but i know all of my friends can play it and that's all that really matters . Anyway, starts a little slow but the rage builds :)

mac "Crash Different" 3.5 megs (wmv)
Hope you all enjoy it.

Since visual studio.NET 2003 is taking an eon to install, and since I half heartedly put some effort into a "comment on this" sort of feature a few months ago, maybe I'll try and roll it out while I watch this progress meter slowly fill.


There, as promised, a comment section. No real purpose, though possibly useful for times when traveling. Eh, pointless features are always fun :).


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