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The guy I share an office with (chad) and I occasionally swap "war stories" about various places we've worked and projects we've had. A while ago I mentioned probably the most inane request I'd ever gotten - one where the lady wanted my web page to change the paper in her printer for her - well I think Chad has succesfully topped that. His conversation:

Chad: So what would you like you're report page to return?

People: We're not really sure.

Chad: What do you mean "you're not really sure?"

People: We haven't really figured out what we want to see, and it may change. can you have the page just guess what we want to see?

Chad: *stunned silence*.

I offered the helpful suggestion that he just install the magic telepathy module in their webservers and everything would work fine. He didn't seem to think that would work :) Can you guess... man that's sweet.

In other news, Tilegate has crossed the line from commic bufoonery into outright incompetance.


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