A quick update

The 4 hour ride back from seoul was uneventful except for discovering that the screaming toddler stigma does not appear to apply on trains - at least korean trains. The nuns were helpful in calming them down though.

Dinner was an event, Sarah took us to a... meat hut I guess would be an appropriate term. It was like a do-it-yourself mongolian grill and featured various slabs of beef, pork or octopus for your consumption. One of the more interesting variations was that you cut the cooked meat into bite size chunks with scissors; this worked well for everything for the octopus which was rather "squirty".

Fun with the korean grocery store on the way home. Patrick's advice regarding the clerk, "Just say 'ya' to everything she says unless you hear the word 'Bonus Card' then say 'epssoyo'". Pathetic little banannas and tiny dried fish so salted they last longer than twinkies.

Today we aught to actually make it to the temple but at this point I don't think I'm going to bother developing pictures while here, this will be a text only journal.


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