First impressions

I seem to have picked up the habit of starting a travel journal with a selection of the notes I've made to myself. It's probably because at this point I haven't actually DONE anything so I don't have much else to write about, but it's still enjoyable for me.

Northwest is an inferior airline to Qantas - in more respects than just the quality of their equipment. Food is not optional on Northwest flights. As I drift in and out of a semi-unconsious state trying to get some rest on the flight I hear the flight attendant comming down the isle proclaiming "chicken or beef?". Now this same situation occured on Qantas and they passed me by, waited until i awoke and then returned to see if I was hungry at all. Northwest, by contrast, smacked my leg and shouted "chicken or beef?!" louder when I didn't respond. We have ways of making you eat.

I have a brief layover in Tokyo's new international airport, it's nice but I'm too tired to really appreciate it. I start to notice how... lyrical is the best word I guess... how lyrical the japanese language sounds when spoken so i sit and listen to conversations. I pick out the occasional word, "American", "German", "Shannon Daugherty" - though I'm not sure about that last one.

The overly friendly man by me in the customs line wants everyone to be awed by his linguistic abilities. He tries to teach everyone some korean even though everyone is very tired and no one is particularly interested. He understands quite a few dialects but apparently body language isn't one of them.

I am a giant among men in this country, I could get into this. Standing on the bus I tower over a sea of short black hair. In the bathroom the sink comes up to just above my knees and I can't see the top of my head in the mirror. This must be what Scott feels like every day.

Hmm, two of those four were quite pessimistic, I guess I was tired when I wrote them. No matter, today brings new experiences. Patrick and I are off to the grocery store today where I'm promised my fill of Engrish and sample vendors in skimpy out fits, then it's off to see the temple and fortress.


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