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My fate is decided in a little under 4 hours. My boss has a meeting with the person blocking my conversion to a vendor to see if this little impass can't be gotten through. There are two possible outcomes to this meeting. 1) I will be made a vendor, I won't have to take the 100 days off every year but still enjoy what I consider to be the benefits of being a contractor. 2) I don't get made a vendor, I have to take my 100 days off and then (hopefully) return to be a vendor after that. Thrilling I know.

Still, since my contract is up in just a hair over two weeks this is cutting things kind of close. I can deal with either outcome, I have managed to save some money despite pouring most of everything I earn into the house (and travel ;) ) and having the time to work on the house (and travel) would be nice, but on the flip side having roughly NO money coming in for 3.5 months can kind of suck for the ability to do things.

Just have to pick a project, focus, and not think about this until after the meeting. It's overly dramatic, but right now I imagine a voiceover somewhere saying, "...and Zack sits wearily as his life is decided in a smoke filled room somewhere...". Except, you know, without the smoke and whole life & death thing.

Cheery thoughts for the morning. Time to stuff myself with protein to make up for the loss of muscle mass from eating "strange" food in korea.


so? what happened?


Oops, I should really check my own web page from time to time, answered above.


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