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Patrick talks about making a consious effort to notice and remember things that most people glaze over, an invaluable skill for a writer to have (though I am not a writer). Two little tidbits, and a joke, caught my memory on my drive to work this morning.

Around here we have a store called Video Only which has had the advertising scheme of a man and a woman talking back and forth, vaguely insulting eachother in my opinion, for about the last four years. Today's dialog went something like "It's almost summer you know what that means? a new wardrobe? nope, time for a high definition TV." It may just be me, but I'm not sure that many people have seasonal televisions. "the groundhog saw it's shadow, we have to use the winter tv for another 6 weeks".

There's a man on a mountainbike riding, presumably, to work. He's huffing and puffing along and I can't help but think his ride might be a bit easier if here weren't smoking as he rode.

Finall, a joke that I hadn't heard in a while and was resurrected thanks to the Bob Rivers morning show (thank's Spike).:

A guy walks out of a bar just steaming drunk and staggers off down the sidewalk. A nun approaches from the opposite direction and when she's about to pass him the drunk swings out wildly and punches her in the head, sending her to the ground. Shaken, the nun starts to get up and the drunk just lays into her, punch after punch after punch. "good lord", cries the nun, "why are you doing this?" to which the drunk slurs, "Not so tough today, are you Batman!"
There just aren't enough beating up nun jokes anymore.


Yeah, I had one of those moments myself the other day. I was walking down a corridor at work and saw a locker with a sign on it that said "Stationary Supplies". Which for some reason made me think "Hmmm. They must be easier to catch than the other kind." Anyhow....

That man and woman have been fighting since I was old enough to hate television commercials. They were the successors to the Jack Roberts-"I won't be undersold"-pie in the face-appliance business. What was the name of that business?


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