So that happened.

Last night we went to see Hells Belles. Not to broadcast the ending too much but I should technically say we endevoured to see Hells Belles. For those not in the know, Hells Bells is an all girl AC/DC cover band - they were playing at graceland last night. Anyway, things started off on the wrong foot when they said tickets could be picked up at 7:00 when in fact the doors didn't open until 8:00. Off to the Rebar to kill an hour and play some Guilotine - the waitress is cute. Back to Graceland by 7:50 we meet some people who've also been waiting since seven, also there early so they can secure one of the four booths to sit in. The doors finally open at 8:30, we head to the back to be confronted by a wooden gate - barred shut so we can't see the bands warming up. Remember now, the advertised schedule was show at 9:00 with two opening bands, the belles on sometime around 10:30.

Hanging out in front of the gate playing Arkenoid and drinking with bill is fun, but after about the first god damned HOUR of waiting it starts to get old. They finally let us in at 9:50. We grab a booth and get very very loud. 15 minutes later, before the first act starts, the bouncers come over to tell us to be quite and stop thrashing the tables about or we'll be forced to leave - always a good sign :)

Justyn endevours to help me out at the bar, but the nice leather pants had a boyfriend. Solo didn't fare much better. Just a night for music I guess. At 10:30 the first band finally starts - they're enjoyable if of an indistinct style. At 10:45 bill is kicked out for being way too drunk and everyone else isn't looking so hot. 11:10 the next band starts and they're absolute shit. Not only bad but constantly advertising that you can buy their CD or T-Shirt from their van after the show. At 11:20 3 of the remaing 4 want to leave so I take scott home after he's sober enough to sit in a car and Ed works on getting J up and mobile.

All in all an interesting evening, if not exactly how I'd envisioned it. I still want to see Hells Belles, but It'll be a while before I return to the Graceland.


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