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Stupid record companies, trying to combat piracy. I downloaded a handful of tracks from 4 artists tonight. Blackeyed Peas, Krafty Kuts, Alkaline Trio and Spearhead. Whoever own's Blackeyed Peas' soul flooded the network with tracks that are the just the same 10 seconds looped over and over again. Well since I can't tell if there's more than one good song from them (not the typical one, "hands up" actually) I won't be buying that album. I know it's their right to protect their copyright and all, but perhaps they aught to pay attention to people like me. I got to hear some cuts from the other three and, liking what I heard on two of them, will be ordering some CDs. Of course Alkaline and Krafty are both on smaller, independant labels - good for them I suppose.

As a random wild tangent, I went perused a used CD store the other day (man do they like bulk shoppers) and noticed the shop door was jammed open with an old copy of Cheers the TV show. I mean, I didn't think it was the best show in the world, but they had a copy of Three Ninjas that should aspire to be a doorstop. Anyway.


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