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For a while now I've had a plan to aquire dual citizenship. If I could gain citizenship in canada, and then have a canadian passport, it's much easier for me to travel to & work in any other former british territory (australia most notably).

To become a canadian citizen, you must reside in canada for 4 years, then take a test and espouse the virtues of being a canadian. To gain entry into canada for that long of a period you have to be a skilled worker which consists largely of having gone to college and not falling down easily. You also have to prove that you have the funds to establish a life in canada (presumably that means rent a house until you get a job). And finally you have to learn french. Seems a little complicated.

In contrast, chad had me look up the requirements to become a jamaican citizen; live there for 5 years and show up with two passport size photos and you're in.

Hmm frozen north or white sand beaches, tough call.


I just wondered if you could lead me to a link that would have a good Duff logo for my Duffman costume T-Shirt. This site is AWESOMR. I was searching on the web for pictures of Duffman so I could make my costume and then I got to this site and you give a play-by-play on how to make the costume!!! AWESOME!!!! If you could e-mail me a link to that would be GREAT!


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