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One of the duffman threads seems to have become a place for people to share links and info, so I've created a quick link to the comments section on the right. Anyway.

Movies seem to inspire my travel desires more than they probably should. A brief cameo in The Bourne Identity makes me want to see greece. The recent aquisition of the Indiana Jones trilogy renews my interest in Egypt and the Morocco (oddly skipping Tunisia, but no matter). Others, but that's boring. Instead I've come up with a goal.

Shy of a vow - which should be kept at all costs - but more than a resoultion since every new year everyone makes them and by ever february everyone's broken them :) From the moment of my next employment for the length of a year I'm going to force a waiting period on my purchases, a week perhaps, enough time to make certain I won't better enjoy the capacity to travel than I would whatever I'm planning on buying. I doubt very much it'll stop every purchase I plan to make - I do have a pention for gizmos - but maybe it'll help. My camera craves desert.

Just thinking aloud, in a manner of speaking.


That's penchant, not pention. There are two groups of linguistic miscreants, and in this post you appear to be in the second group. The first group are people that read words in books but then pronounce them incorrectly. The second group are people who hear words spoken, but don't know how they are spelled. Take some solace in the fact that people in the first group are a lot more fun to ridicule. Most of them do it because they want to sound smarter than they are.

My vocabulary comes from both sources actually, however a habit I have when reading is to learn the proper pronunciation but often blank on the spelling - it hasn't hindered my scrabble game too much though. I aught to put an edit feature in the administration page.


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