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Three things. tre. a trifecta...

Traffic court again today; no murderous trio in orange jumpsuits chained together, but certainly a fair share of lawyers. I was too worried about the outcome of my ticket the first time to fully appreciate the process. Nearly everything was decided between the lawyers before the judge even entered the room. I commented on this to my attorney, he sort of chuckled and said that, "yeah, it really is a horse trade"... whatever exactly that means.

Unemployment in two weeks, it'll be nice to be able to collect. That may be difficult to do, however, if people keep calling me from out of the blue to offer me full time jobs. I ruled this first one out pretty quickly since they hadn't yet grasped the concept of leaving all 7 digits of their phone number when asking me to call back.

Lastly, may as well abuse this site's temporary popularity (hooray for duffman). I think I've translated this correctly, but to make sure, does the following latin mean what I think it means?:
Viator Terra. Petitor Veritas. Amator.


Damn the Halloween pics for becoming popular. Couldn't they pick a different set of pics in which Scott did not drunkenly take a pic of my ass? Then again, Jeni was pretty gone, Bill, and Duffman also gave up the goods (oh yeah). Still, people, go look at the camping photos, people were just as drunk then, I swear.

well, if it makes you feel any better, of the 108683 different requests I've had in the last 20 days, only 147 of them have been for your particular picture :) of course 319 have seen the thumbnail...

Zack tells me that percentage-wise, my ass pic has very little exposure. Percentage-wise of my body, though, that's a lot of exposure :). Damn you, Scott.

Assuming that it isn't an idiom, your latin phrase means "World traveller. Seeker of truth. Lover." If you're interested in latin roots in English: the root of viator (viat) can be further reduced to via, which means "way" in Latin, and "by way of" in English. As you probably know that's how they titled their roads. Someone who spent a lot of time on the via was a viator: a traveller. Petitor is where we get out root for petition. Someone with a petition seeks something from the government. Petitor means seeker. Petitor also means plantiff or candidate in legal/political circles. Veritas is the root for verify and veracity and several other words involving truth.

My main concern was that I had used the proper suffix on the nouns. From my brief research into latin I wasn't sure if it should be terra or terrae. Terrae seemed to be the correct form for a femanine verb (I should say there was a -F next to that conjugation in the latin/english dictionary) and that Via seemed to have been assigned a femanine gender for some reason. I've also been told that Amator may need a subject, the verdict seems to be split about 50/50 on that one though.


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