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And now Zack presents a short list of things to do on a 40 minute commute.
  1. Listen to the radio
  2. Get bored with the radio and turn it off
  3. Take spare bungy cords you happen to have lying in the passenger seat, attach them to your stearing wheel and drive the entire way to work maneuvering your car with a pair of elastic reigns.
  4. Try to resist the urge to yell "hiyah" and flick the reigns.
  5. Fail at that.
  6. Don't try to park using the reigns.
It was probably more amusing than it should have been.


OhmyGod bungee is driving! How can this be!

My boss read that and said I was forbidden from driving to and from work anymore. I think it was a secret ploy to get me to work 24 hours a day, but he wouldn't admit it.


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