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Well soon I'll finally have something to write about. I bought my tickets to paris today, a great deal if anyone is looking for an excuse to go, the whole thing, ticket, insurance, hostel booking and museum pass cost me about $600 - tax included. I even got myself a mini tripod so I can stop carrying around my brother's old broken hulk. It'll be interesting, not speaking a word of french, but I figure I can get by for a week. I managed solo in korea for a little while and they didn't even have the same alphabet :) I have to wait until the end of january to go since holiday trips don't end until around then but at least I'll manage to squeeze it into the 100 day window.

Of course there's that little month of snowboarding between now and then, must be extra careful not to bruise or break anything (again) this time. One trip with a bruised sternum is enough for me, thanks.

Still no duffman gallery because, well, I'm incredibly lazy. It's hard to get up earlier than 8:30 now (that happened quicker than I thought) but it'll happen. Really.

Oh yes, and Bad Santa is a good movie to see with several friends. I haven't laughed that hard at a movie since the first american pie.


mmm, new page design. Moni like. It's been a while, just thought I'd (almost) anonymously check in. Happy Holidays!


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