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Early lessons from unemployment:

1) Despite a year and a quarter of evidence to the contrary, my morning oatmeal does not, in fact, cook itself. I actually had to read the box/tube to remember how much water went with however many oats.

2) Frozen dirt is neither easy nor fun to dig in. Still the trench must be dug so the wall can be laid so the patio can be poured and the hottub reactivated.

3) I still wake up at 6:40 - even on the weekends.

And now for the ego boosting tale. I didn't make it to the huge goth halloween party on friday, but a couple of my friends did. One told me the next morning that there had been a duffman there. The conversation went something like this:

friend Nice costume; A friend of mine was duffman for halloween last year.

duffman really? well I bet my costume is better.

friend Well his website about the costume has been getting 300 hits a day.

duffman oh.. he's that guy.

Pointless, but I liked it :) In other duffman news, two people sent me pictures of their costume and/or party. It's kind of a small amount to make a gallery for, but I figure I will anyway - perhaps it will encourage others to send pictures or stories if they have them.

And now it's off to dig.


I think I ran into the same guy. Asked him if he got his costume off the internet and, sure enough, it was from your site. He especially appreciated the filling of the aluminum cans for easier attachment. :)


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