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I've been working on a site redesign lately (observe and comment please: here). I'm not certain if I like it enough to go with it or not - it's a little "pointy", we'll see.

As for the duffman gallery, so far 5 people have sent pictures (about what I had hoped for) but I'm in a bit of a chicken and egg situation with the site design. It's hard to put the effort into a gallery when you're likely to rewrite it soon. But for those of you who sent me pictures, no worries, they'll be shared.

Other than site redesign my time is spent mostly trying to figure out how to get to Paris on as little money as possible. Well that and futzing with my woodworking/robotics projects, remodeling the house, "searching for a job" while unemployment and taking my dogs to the park to play.

I do so love my 100 day breaks :)


Very pointy. Eyes hurt. Then is almost 5am.


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