The DSL technician showed up the other day which means I can finally post a little bit of mountain life.

Snow has been phenomenal - nice and dry, usually a fresh inch or two every day - it's been a pleasure.

Sherry's friend Carlene was a godsend to have since she was a more accomplished snowboarder than I (they left this morning after some tribulation) and thanks to that motivation I can now comfortably board blacks and handle double-blacks quite nicely.

Specifics; one of my goals was to be able to jump and land a 180 - a reasonable goal. I took a jump while doing some tree skiing (boarding) and did manage a 180. It was vertical unfortunately so I landed on my head. I've landed on my head at least 7 times so far so it's probably good that I've got a helmet.

The landings, pain wise, haven't been too bad except that the tend to exacerbate an injury I got while sledding. We went out one night and found a driveway to sled down. I'd gotten used to using a blue plastic mat but asked to give the green disk a run. It was quite a bit faster and I couldn't really control dirction or speed. A tall pine was kind enough to rapidly stop my travel though, so now I have very sore brused ribs on my left back and a few other scrapes. It's the ribs that are the most bother since snowboarding requires quite a bit of torso twisting. Thankfully after the first nice steep run the adrenaline kicks in enough that I don't really feel anything until I'm done for the day.

Other interesting events: Sherry tried to leave today only to have the chains she'd put on literally fly to pieces as she tried to drive out of the driveway. A quick tug from Colossus (my dad's truck) and she was out and gone but it was a little more excitement than they'd counted on.

Also; coming back from the back side of the mountain on day Carlene and I took a couple of jumps and were laying down on the cat track to recover. I'm laying down and looking up at the sky when all of a sudden I see a snowboard and a ruster tail of snow come flying over me (he cleared Carlene as well), land and go screaming down the rest of the trail. I can't quite tell if he was very good or that we were very lucky. either way we got up and moved pretty damn quickly.

For now it's getting the rest of the second crew settled in and my parents packed. It's been a good first 10 days :)


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