duffmen again

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I've posted the pictures people sent me of various duffman costumes. It's not exactly a gallery - since I'm still trying to decide how I want to redesign the gallery - but there are pictures and words for all to enjoy:


The siding is up but unpainted, there's a massive hole in one of the bathroom walls and there's a big patch of dirt where a patio should be, but still it feels like we're making real progress on the house.


I don't know if it got around to you that I'm coming back, but I am. Spread it around to Pat and Matt that I'm in Tokyo and got out of Korea safely. There was a stressful moment that I'll tell you about in person, though... I'll be back tomorrow. Matt was supposed to organize everyone to go out (or get together) Saturday night, the day after my birthday...did that get around to you? Anyway, D&D is welcome to start back up in January when everyone is back from wherever they went... Cheers, and see you soon. --Tony

Hey man! I may be your first female Duffman. Your site helped a lot. I'll send you a pic, but I can['t find your email address on the site! Reach me at ab_wilson@yahoo.com. Cool! Brooke


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