That which does not kill me...

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Add to the injury toll one sprained ankle - and the rib is officially cracked. Advice to avoid sprained ankles while snowboarding; do not attempt to land a jump on the nose of your snowboard sending the rest of your body crashing forward another foot and a half, subsiquently wrenching your ankle. Just a helpful pointer.

Getting back down to get that diagnosis was probably the least efficient day of my life. Martin and I had planned on leaving at around 8:30. Starting our cars up in the -18 degree weather was kind of sporting, it was so cold the computers in both of our vehicles misbehaved. Martin's LCD displays went a little screwy and my doors decided to lock of their own accord. Car running, we call the tow company to come jimmy my locks. 40 minutes later they call to say they finally got their tow truck running and will be up the mountain shortly (you know it's a cold day when the emergency vehicles won't work). 20 minutes later the guy arrives, exuding a less than competent air. After trying every jimmy in his tool kit he decides to start combining tools in an effort to unlock my car. 3 implements later the door is unlocked and open, unfortunately only two of said implements can be removed from my car. So yes, two hours late, I begin the 7 hour drive home with a hunk of formed metal bar protruding from my drivers side door, unable to roll the window down more than a few inches - this proved fun at the toll booths and border crossings. An hour at the border - that's including ducking in the duty free shop to avoid the longer line - another hour in bellingham because of the snow and I'm home. It was a long drive.

I did finally get the slim-jim out of the door, had to remove the interior panels to do it though.

Given the immense pleasure I obviously derive from snow boarding, I can't help but remember when my boss - after explaining how I had bruised my sternum last year - asked whether it wouldn't be less expensive and time consuming if he were to just whack me in the kneecaps a few times with a hammer. Probably.


hadn't check in only a month before you are back to work... dave will be happy to know he gets to wack you in the knees with a hammer(it will take your mind off the current pain.)

The offer still stands

I'm so happy to hear that. However I'm back up in injury land so we'll see what I come away with this time (though the ankle and cracked rib will probably limit my new injury potential).


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