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A new definition of irony.

Any extremely overweight woman looks down at my dog and says, "well you're kind of chubby", then turns to her companion and says, "Isn't that dog fat!?".

For the record, my dog weighs 59 pounds, she's supposed to weigh about 55 - see the picture. This woman weighed easily 350 pounds and didn't carry that weight very well.

Pot, kettle, I'd like you two to meet.


Hey Zack, Long time no see. You really should get around to posting your email address or a contact form on this thing. But nice blog! You have been at this some time now - a lot longer than most bloggers. Drop me a line when you get the chance: TTYL, David

I had one email address - it wasn't even posted but most spammers apparently guessed at it - and it gets way too much junk to be usable anymore. duffman works - it was used for the duffman costume instructions. Really just about anything will get to me. ha, take that address harvesters.

Does anyone carry 350 pounds well? Lou Ferrigno and King Kong Bundy come to mind, but I mean in the realm of everyday people...

The strongman at the circus, but he lifts with his knees...

that's got to be pretty hard, gripping something with you knees

that's part of his act. Everyone has a gimmick, these days.

What's your gimmick, Tiff?

Clever quips on webpages.

Sweet web site dude!!!!!!!!!!!!


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