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Final status of the flights from yesterday. My flight arrived in Detroit at 10:02 pm. My outbound flight to paris was delayed until... 9:59 pm. So I would have arrived 3 minutes too late. Glad I stayed here.

However, checking the current status on my flight scheduled to leave (again) at 12:35 today for detroit it's already delayed 15 minutes. I've got an hour and a half window for my arrival in detroit and transfer to my outbound flight, it's just shrunk by 1/6th.

Apparently this trip is meant to be an adventure, a "getting there is half the fun" lesson or something. Ah well, it least it makes for different weblog fodder :)


Great attitude about it being an adventure! Soooo have you made it out of Seattle yet?

Well, it's Thursday now and you haven't posted so hopefully you're on your way. I'll be excited to chat with you when you're back since I head there in late April. Send me a postcard if you feel so inclined :) 326 NW 83rd St Seattle, WA 98117


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