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I've just seen Sarah off to the train station, David left this morning and randy (only stayed one night) has moved on to the next hostel. Rajulio is still here, but only ever studies so there's not much chance of doing anything other than pack tonight. Makes for an easier time getting to the airport tomorrow I suppose but I'd rather have spent another late night honestly.

Today was filled with quite a few metro rides. I went back to the Rodin museum with sarah and randy this morning - thankfully it was open despite the construction. The small Caryatid I'd seen in the corner of the massive bronze "gates of hell" was nothing compared to the real thing. The caryatid with her stone and her sister with an urn flank the back steps of the small mansion that comprises the gallery. A large collection of bronze renditions are placed about the garden and you can roam around viewing from all angles and - most importantly - touching the statues. I'd only five works by name (daniad, caryatid, the kiss, the thinker and cathedral) so seeing all of the new sculptures was quite something. The buiguasies (that isn't spelled coorectly) was particularly interesting, I shot at least a role and a half at the museum. The only disappointing thing was that The Hand of God couldn't really be photographed well and that the Daniad was behind glass so couldn't be touched. Other than that it was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen.

Sadly - that meant that the Museum d'orsay was kind of a let down. The statues were alright I suppose, the impressionist art were all classics as should be expected but largely I'd seen them all already. I suppose had I not just come from the largest collection of sculpture by my favored artist I would have enjoyed it more, but since I had, well, I didn't.

We also saw the Paris Mosque - brilliant tile work though really falling into disrepair - ate at an outdoor cafe now that the weather has perked up a bit and saw the site of the bastiele. Oh yes, and I returned the phone. The store apparently took me for an idiotic tourist or someone with no spine. On no less than three occasions they tried to shift me away to another store, or changed their story. After inisting that I could just switch it for any other phone of a different model I got to prove how loud and forthright americans can be when we don't want to be screwed with - they handed me cash about a minute and a half after that. It was actually quite satisfying :)

And now, since I have nothing left to do but pack, a small list of things I've learned while on this trip - due largely to many late night, post pub coversations.

  • If you want sprinkles on your icecream in ireland you have to call them "hundreds and thousands", in the south you call them jimmies. But don't ask for jimmies in texas or your icecream will be covered in condoms - or as the irish apparently call them "french letters".
  • All men cry at the movie Rudy. Some men cry during Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory (though this usually involves whisky or pot).
  • Every city needs a metro system - seriously. One that doesn't smell like pee in half of the stairwells would be prefereable however.
  • When you sleep with your head on a pile of clothes because your hostel has no pillow (and you brought none) you wake up with really strange lines all over your face. Expect funny looks in the morning.
  • Nothing tastes as good as the crepe you've been looking for for 3 hours.
  • Mc Donald's is a disease. While I can appreciate the opportunity for some good old fashioned junk food every now and then, McD's more frequently spaced than in the densest of american cities is just not right.
  • ...and as always, staying in hostels is the only way to go. Nothing forges friendships better and faster than shared hardships, showers and whisky - not necessarily in that order.
And now I must pack. I shall try and visit the louvre tomorrow (note the absense of the word "again" there) before I leave. If not, well just another reason to return. Which I can do for free with frequenty flier miles now. Twice over.

mmm (cake).


So what was wrong with the phone?

It was rude and impertintent. Ooop.

You know Zack, it's rather exhausting living vicariously through you. Sounds like you got the full Paris experience. While perhaps lacking in french boobies, at least you could share a shower with someone. :) Have a safe trip home.


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