The desire for crepes overcame me the other day, and Jeni had an easy recipie (just dump everything in a blender and go) so we decided to give it a try. The first round didn't go so well :)

After realizing we had forgotten about 3/4 of the milk, the second batch went much better. It was generally crepe-like but lacked the "fresh from the street vendor" taste. Just another reason to go back I suppose.

I also managed to break my digital camera. No big deal, I thought, I'd been thinking about upgrading. Well the cheapest non-sucky digital camera I could find was about $300 so I decided to put a little more effort into fixing my broken one. Upon opening the camera I found nothing obviously wrong though did spot a large capacitor. For those not in the know, capacitors store large amounts of electricity for short bursts - like for a flash. My mind told me it was still probably charged but I went poking about with metal tools regardless. Several thousand volts through my right hand later I decided to give it a rest for the day. $300 isn't really that bad.


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