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I saw the movie Eurotrip with Matt, Pat and Tony today - a really funny movie if you like movies that would amuse 16 year old boys (I haven't matured beyond that, probably never will). Some choice camios too. Anyway. In the movie our hero has an interesting email program with probably the best mail notification sound I've ever heard. It sounds like Mr. T speaking at high speeds saying "mail motherfucker". Okay, well I thought it was funny. Anyway I really wanted the sound but for some reason it wasn't out on the net anywhere. So with some help from one of my friends I... aquired the first half of the movie.

Downloading 300 megs of movie to extract to extract 28 k (1.6 seconds) of sound. Well worth the effort :) So here for those who know me or those who do a google search or whatever: Eurotrip - mail motherfucker in wav form.

28k, I don't think I'll get as hosed bandwidth wise as when I stupidly hosted the starwars kid movies or the Dave Chapel GTA movie.


Now I want a soundbyte to play when I delete mail: Mr. T saying "Don't gimme no jibber-jabber!"

You made my day. I've been searching for this soundclip since I saw the movie. Thanks!

Same for me.. thanx a bunch for cutting my search time for that sound bit in half!! ill be looking back just in case you post any more sound bits from eurotrip

Hi There, Thanks for the Eurotrip E-Mail .wav I saw the movie with my boyfriend and he just had to have it. You're the bomb!!

Thanks for the Eurotrip mail sound clip! I liked the movie also. Thought it was funny as hell.

mail motherf*cker

thanks for making that file. i'm shocked they don't have it anywhere else.

I wanted this clip for a while, and couldnt find it anywhere else. thanks for the file!!

thanks for the clip dude.....

Hey, thanks dude... how can i set this to my AOL E-mail??

YES! Thank you, damn i have been looking EVERYWHERE for this!

Glad Google has finally picked up this page and you all can use the file. Feel free to link to it or send the page around or whatever, but please link to the page itself rather than directly to the file. I like to keep stats on stuff like this and direct linking makes that harder :) Sorry Mike66, I'm not an AOLer so I can't say for certain. However a quick Google search seems to say that you can change the settings under control panel -> Sounds, it'll be under its section with other AOL only sounds.

Hey! Thanks for this, saves me the time of capturing it myself. Most excellent. I'm going to link you from my site Shawn

Thanks man, did a yahoo search, and found your link. You rock!

Because of you LMAO The kid who said this was unattainable just a few minutes before he crashed for the night will wake up and find it in his inbox. So, thanks for your time affort and bandwidth BTW Nice website, I came for the wav and stayed for a little while

Thanks man, I was searching for this link for quite a while now. You tha man!

Hey, can you email me that "mail mother fucker" sound clip. I NEED IT!!!

thank you for that clip. I've been looking for it all over.

Thanks dude, *mail mothafucka* rules!

Currently watching the movie and thought I would do a search for the soundbyte! Found you straight away! Thanks!

Well done mothafuckha, i'm pleased with this..!!

greetings from Chile, SouthAmerica, you also did my day, now everytime i hear the "mail motherfucker" sound i LMAO, thanx a lot

Thanks for puttin this up! You Rock!

This movie was like based in my real this clip is really something precious to me....thank you pal!!! I dedicated this download to my germany friend my liebe...

HERO!!!!!! Been after this for farking ages. thanks heaps

thanks for hosting and cropping :) i have to do some of those a while back :(

THanx 2 ewe and Yahell for the link and the fyle.

Fuck you motherfucker

is it possible to download this so i can use it. when i right click on it, everything is inactive. thanks

Thanks for the wav file...

thanks alot, thats the shit

how can i make this be my cellular ringtone?

Great website. Thank you for the clip!

Thanks for the clip.

thanks a lot man, your the only one who has this. how do i download it so i can prompt it when i open something. if you could would you just email it. thanks again for going through all the trouble.

Awesome!!!!!! looking everywhere for this.... Thanks dude.....

hey man thanks for having this.....its the funnest mail wav ive heard and i have been searching for it awesome -pete

hey man if you have aol 9.0 op then here are the instructions for installin mail motherfucker to the you got mail option... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click START, then click CONTROL PANEL. Double-click SOUND, SPEECH AND AUDIO DEVICES. Click SOUNDS AND AUDIO DEVICES. Click the SOUNDS tab. In the Program Events box, scroll down to locate the AOL section(s). Click a sound event in the list. Click the BROWSE button. Navigate to the folder that contains the sound file you want to associate with the selected event, click the file name, then click OK. To play the sound, click the button with the triangle on it. Once you have all the sounds set, click OK. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ thank you for this awesome sound and i hope that this is of some help to other users

great!!! i was searching for that :)

Thanks for the great sound! I was also looking for that one !

Thanks for the sound. Noone else had it. You rock! :)

Mail motherfucker!

Just saw the movie last night, thought it would be great for msn...couldn't find it anywhere, thanks ALOT!

You are a fucking Genious! Thanks!

Hi my name is mike how can I get this on my aol when I sign on!!! thanks you can e-mail me and tell me!!!

Oh my God, Dude! when we first heard that we laughed are asses off! Thanks a million, Dude!

Finally saw the movie last night, and decided I HAD to have "mail, motherfucker". So I googled and found your site. You've made my day, thanks a bunch. :) m.

you da MAN!!! Thanks cuz...might have to convert it to .qcp file on mine though...but that's easy.

Thanx alot for the wav file. You are definitely the muthafuckin man!

Every time i hear this, i can't stop laughing. this is an awesome motherfucking track.

i send myself messages just so i can here it.

im fuckin pissed, it says the file is corrupted or some shit

I cannot save the file for some reason i need a little help when i right click on it it does not give me the option to save it i am going to sob softly to myself now

Never mind I am a complete waste of oxygen figured it out

Dude you great....hihi this was the first site i clicked on google....gotta go look for some moore cool sounds like that.

You've done this world a service.

I saw the unrated version and looks like Scott was running with an erect penis in the beach(only in the deleted scene).

This is great!! Thanks


Thanks - was looking for this file after i saw eurotrip... thanks again

Thanks - was looking for this file after i saw eurotrip... thanks again

okay when I saw this I got really excited!! Now, this may be a very stupid question, but how do I save the sound bite to my computer? I read above on how to make it sound on your computer, but I dont know how to save the sound bite. Can somebody PLEASE help me cause this would be an awesomet thing to have on my computer. Thanks!

Thanks for making this file. I had to have it after seeing the movie.

The only thing smarter than making the clip was even going as far as mentioning Google search results IN the message. Classic. Thanks.

Dude this is the coolest. I got it on my yahoo and msn messenger

thx guys...

For all those of you who are stumped on how to save this awesome sound clip to your computer, all you do is right click on the link and click on "save as target" to your desktop. THANKS FOR THE GREAT CLIP GUY!

More T sounds, including "talk to me and talk sense. Don't gimme none of that jibber jabber" at

Got no time for the Jibber Jabber at

Thanx motherfucker

::beep beep:: email mother fucker YOU ROCK

Damn dude. Thanks. I've been lookin all over for this.

it took me 20 minutes to find you motherfucker. I can abmit that it is SUPERB!!! THANK YOU

Great clip thanks bro!! :) Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a mail program for winxp that gives mail updates kind of like aol(so I can use this clip as a notification without aol) Thanks!

thanks man. you made my day. i also reccomend the sound files from napoleon dynamite. i have kip saying "don't be jealous that i've been chatting online with babes all day" as my windows exit sound.

that is awesome! thank you!

thanks man. i don't know how to thank you. this is awesome, mothafucka!

Nice one :) You rule man. Greetz from Poland

thanks! greetinx from The Netherlands!!

You are the best! very good. Patrick from holland

thanks I needed to have this!

Cool!!! VERY COOL!!!

Again from the Netherlands, thank you!! You're the best! (And this is for chikalita13: right click on the link and then click on save target as!) T.

awesome. you truly are a god.

You rock, motherfucker.


this is this there anyone who has the Scotty doesn't know ringtone?...been looking awhile for it....

hey man, been looking for the mail motherf-cker sound clip everywhere and couldn't find it, that's man. You're da mannnnnnn

tnx for the clip, very appreciated

Thanks! This is gonna be my voicemail alert on my Nextel. =)

Thank you for the mail sound! I'm european and I absolutely loved Eurotrip!

freaking sweet, dude. I had to have this as soon as I saw the movie. anybody know how to put it on my aol?

This works so great for my grandma's AOL LMAO! I think shes gonna love it ;)

That is the best man! Thanks champ!. Soooo funny!

Scotty doesnt know is in but you need an account...The ringer is tight I have it...first 25 secs of song

One more thing...where do I go to find a ton more wav files so I can cistomize the shit out of my computer?

Your the best,Thanx

Hi, can someone email me the "mail mother fucker" wav? I'm unable to download it. Please send to Thanks in advance!

Cheers for the clip, top man, how good is it!!!! :-)

Thanks, man. Mail Motherfucker!

thank alot dude, saved me the trouble of extracting it :P

thx for the ez download! like everyone else said, you saved me a lot of trouble!

dude some1 plz tell me how to put this clip on my yahoo mail alert if u wud plz tell me how 4 the clip anyways

too funny man....too funny. thx

thanks dogg iv ben lookin for this frrr a long time

thanks dogg iv ben lookin for this frrr a long time

Motherfucker u rock


thanks, mother fucker

geez...Euro trip is soooo god damn funny...thx for getting tha " Mail Mother Fucker" ahahha i laughed my bag off when i heard thx agian c ya

is there n e way to d/l it to my comuter to make it my e-mail notification?

yea thur bro did it sumhow..ahah we were sending our selves mail just to hear it ahahahah..iunno how he did it

hey whats up man how can i save the "mail mother fucker" to my aol youve got mail you can e-mail me at thanks dude

Hey buddy thanx .

awesome! thx!

nice one mate..........ive got it set as my alert on msn cheers!

Thanks for the clip, funny as hell...

hey the download dont work can sum1 send it to me

Dudes i fucking love ya!!!! Watched the film last night, loved it and wanted this so badly!!!! i love gettin emails ;p

Man that is the shiznit if i can save it and put it on yahoo it would be great

Cheers, jj from finland

How can I save that mail mothafucka clip?

In fact if you could email me the mail mothfucka clip to that would be great! thanks!

Dude this kicks ass! I liked the movie but this sound clip is hilarious! thanks a lot man!

Hey whats up man?? THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was lookin for this all over. Yo can you tell me how to I can use the "mail muthafucka" for my msn when I get mail??? If you could email me and tell me I would really appreaciate it. Thanks alot man. You and this is the shit. Heres my email so please email me and tell me as soon as possible if you could thanks alot. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Thanx so much, just saw Eurotrip last night, and we died laughing when he got mail. You rock!!!!

greeting from Iceland, this is the funniest shit ever! thanks for making this available

Thanks for the sweet link. Could you E-Mail me the instructions for putting it on my AOL mail alert. that would be awsome.

man u rock...ive been lookin for that since ever! so glad i found ur link

theres a better "mail, motherfucker" goto Green Head Watercooler News Its at the bottom of the page by the Eurotrip picture. Jen

thank you so much just like everyone else i have been looking for this since i saw the movie. i could not find it anywhere! thanx alot!! its awesome man!

Don't care if there is a better one, this is the first one that came up. Great job.

Thanks from Holland, this rocks hehehe

Hey, thats an awesome mail alert, I put it on my Yahoo account. Anyways, Does anyone know where I can get a free "Scotty doesn't know" Ringtone?? Email me if you do: Thanks!!

dude can u email that to me

great soundbyte, pity bout the GB flag over Ireland at the start of the movie...stupid americans.

awesome thanks man.. all my friends have been looking for this..

sweet. been lookin 4 that one.


I can't seem to download the clip or save it. Is it possible to email it to me? Hope you can help. Thanks!

looks like ur appreciated ^ eh? thanks a lot

Yo, I can't believe that I found this so easy. Just saw the movie and like everyone else I WANTED THIS SOUNDBITE!!! Thanks!

hey man thanks for the clip, unfortually i don't know really what to use it for

Thanx for the clip, have searches everywhere! recorded it on my phone so it says it wen i get a message, sweet!

my god i have been searchin for a while and couldnt find it. well done, now i brust out lauhgin every time i get a email or text message

cheers for the clip! more Mr T!!!

sup hey im looking for the scotty doesnt know ringtone for my verizon phone ive been looking around on google and its a fuckin pain in the ass if anyone can help me that would be freakin great

argh! i cant find the scotty doesnt know ringtone either. i doubt it'd work on my phone anyways.

Yes thats right I saw Eurotrip & had to have the mail wav, Just like everyone else on here. I am forever endeted to you motherfucker

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLMAO!!! I was not even looking for Mail Motherfucker and I came across it anyways. I think that is fucking awsome. The part that made me laugh the most was the little kid doing the nazi walk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

just saw the movie, like 10 mins ago, right away, found the site and downloaded it. thanks a bunch.

You are the best , I was looking for it for so long.

thanx man, my penis is throbbing

Just begun to watch the movie Eurotrip and seconds after I heard the "mail - mother fucker", I just had to alt-tab out and go look for it, got lucky and found this page within a couple of minutes. Cheers from Sweden

Anyone know where I can get the Scotty Doesn't Know ringtone? email me at please. Thanks

This kicks ass man, THANKS!

thanks for the clip!!! you da man

Thanks for the clip! It makes us giggle every time we hear it.

Hey ive been looking EVERYWHERE

Hey ive been looking EVERYWHERE for "scotty doesnt know" ringtone. PLEASE ANYBODY HELP ME OUT AND EMAIL ME AT NYY033@COMCAST.NET. THANKS

Hahaha... found it within 5 minutes of watching on DVD... Eurotrip - Mail Motherfucker... priceless ! Thanks man!!!!

You ROCK! Thanks, dude.

Thanks for the sound clip. As soon as I heard it on the movie... I knew I had to find it and put it on my computer. Thanx a lot.

Thanks. I have looked every where for this clip for my e-mail. i appreciate the effort. It was so worth it.

hey thanx 4 a great clip. can anybody tell me how to set this as my voicemail alert on my nextel phone? email me asap at and once again thanx. beep beep mail mothafucka

THANKS! Took me 5 mins to find this clip using Google, not bad! Mail Muthafucka! Nede to set it up as my hotmail sound?!

Got it set up! mail muthafucka

Yeah, second site I looked for it, I found you. You rule. Thank you so much.

Wow, dude you really know what people want if you always use that skill you will get far in life. I was lucky enough to find this on the first try, thanks.


damn straight, just what I wanted

Thanks a bunch man, much appreciated :)

yea, can someone mail me that 'mail mothafucka' clip too....thanks a lot

Hey was looking for this file after euro trip arent we all just so sadddd :) hehe oh well cheers saved me ripping it off the film :P

Thanks a lot. I played a prank on my co-worker who likes to keep his volume turned all the way up. So, when he gets mail, his annoying sound file plays. I changed it with this. :) Thanks for hosting this!! For those that can't get it.. If you are using Internet Explorer, just right-click and select, "Save Target As." That's it. Thanks again m8!

thanx 4 the wav clip you kick ass!

Thanks MoTheRfUCkeR!!!!!! u One CoOL MoThErFUckEr!!

Gr8 thx!

yheaaaaaaaaaaaaa cool motherfucker

Thånks for the clip, your the best man!! been looking for this 4 ever!!

i love you u can spank my ass and call me charlie mail motherfucker is amazing and thank you to the person that said how to make it as your "youve got mail" on aol

hey i was with my friend, your future lover, and the mail motherfucker thing worked great for his computer and he set it as his sound as opposed to "you've got mail". my problem is that i have a mac, if someone could give me directions to setting mail motherfucker as my you've got mail sound ASAP that would be great.

thank you m8, nice tofinally get hold of this sound

FOr anyone that wants this on your cell phone, go to They have this listed under "other." Thanks man for going through the hassle so we could all enjoy. =)


Thanks motherfucker ;)

Thanks for ending the seemingly never ending search for this wonderful key phrase. Mail Motherfucker! Fuck Motherfucker! Getsome crazy European sex if you get the chance. Damn worth it Motherfucker!

Anyone know how to get this on a NEXTEL phone??? I have the USB cable....but dont know how to transfer it to my phone....

Thanks for the clip, youve got mail muthafucka ;)

anyone know where to get "scotty doesnt know" as a ringtone? and how to i set this for outlook express?

mail mother fucker

Here is Mail MF converted to MP3 format

can i make the mail muthafucka come up on my microsoft outlook?

I tried, but could not find the Outlook sound archive. If you figure it out be sure to post.

I tried the mps link and i still cant seem to save it on my computer.maybe im an idiot..but it just plays in my media player..any help and i found out how to change outlooks tones..just check out this site

never mind i found how to save the mp3 on my comp...but check out this site it shows how to put it on outlook...ur welcome everyone

Hell! that was easy....thks

Dude i've been everywhere looking for that and finally a good samaritan.YOU ROCK!!!

Hell yea, Nicely done. Was hoping someone would have that sound clip out there. Saved us all a hella lotta work.

You fucking rock!

Thanks man. You made my day.

Thank You Thank You!! You made my day at work.

Dude...anyone!! Must have Scotty Doesn't Know mp3/wav & ringtone...feed the need someone plz!!! cheers

How the fuk do ya put this to ya msn email?

I pulled "Scotty doesn't know" MP3 from WinMx.

can you email that soundbite to me at

how can I save the file? when I go away from the page it stops being able to play.



I know several have asked how to save the MP3 "MMF" file posted above. All you gotta do is right click on the link and select the "save target as..." Real easy...I downloaded the file to my V600 phone to alert me when i get messages. Gets a lot of laughs!! enjoy!

Thanks, motherfucker!!!! i have been looking for this clip too. im glad you took your time on this, coz a lot of people appreciate what you did.. again, thanks motherfucker ;)

Does anyone know where to download it to where it will play when you get emails????


Mate, you are the bomb!.. You've done well.. I was after the wav and found it straight away with your page after a simple google search.. I couldn't believe that there were so many others out there who were after this clip. Cheers & Beers - Al.

i would just like to say thanks for the mail wav. i looked for a bit, then finally found your site. and i got it. its now my notice when i receive mail thanks again ramsdaro

right on! thanks for the mail motherfucker!

FKN AWESOME!!! thank you!! i like the beep beep in the beg! most ppl dont have that online.

who can i download "mail mother fucker" on to my compture when i log on?

Can I get Acopy of the Mail Motherfukcer

Seem im not the only one... gee must be popular.. cheers mate thanks for the mail notification. be good ... from THE LAND DOWN UNDER ! THE LAND OF OZ!

I want mail mother fucker ring tone on my cell can it be done email me

can someone email me the mail mothere fucker to

how do you get that it wont let me save it???? also anyone know how to get scotty doesnt know ring tone?

i have yahoo can you tell me how to download thanks

oops my email is 1. Place the cursor over the above link and right-click the mouse 2. Select "save target as..." 3. Pick the directory you want to save the file in Wow! How hard was that?

HOW TO MAKE "MMF" SOUND ON OUTLOOK EXPRESS 1. Select START in the lower left hand part of desktop 2. Select "Control Panel" 3. Select "Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices" 4. Select "Change the Sound Scheme" 5. Scroll down in the Program Events to "New Mail Notification" 6. Browse to the file you just downloaded (mail.mp3)

you are a god....i've been searching for this since i saw the movie many thanks

awesome job dude, thanks a million, everyone here apprechtes you helping uss!

If anyone has the scotty doesn't know ringtone, can they e-mail it to me or send me the link at thx

I need the scotty doesnt now MP3 ringtone for my v220 phone...anyone know where it is. i got the 3gupload, but its polyphonic email me...thx!!

You have no idea how long I have looked for this. Receiving mail was never this fun.

Put it on your cell phone for new message notification for some real laughs!

You made my mail!!!Thanks..

just wotched da film last nite an its fukin class wondering if anyone can tell me how to get "mail motherfuker" as my msn got mail alert plz this would b so fukin ausome plz my email is im a guy 16 in hull if any1 woz wnderin add me. l8r motherfukers

Nice one! You the man! Here here for the Mr.T No Jibber Jabber one!

omg ive lookd evriwher THNX MUTHAFUKA!

Thanks man... This is awsome

i want scotty doesn't know and mail mother fucker for my v400 cell phone. how do i get it on there.

You are the best mother fucker ever!!!!

i really want the "mail motherfucker" on my nokia phone .. can u help me get it please??

I want the "scotty dosen't know" ringtone do you know where to get it? If you know plz e-mail me @ Thx

I'm downloading this to my cell phone and using it as the ring for when I have new voice mail. Thanks Alot!!

Thanks bro. I love this shit I just recently saw the movie and said I've got to et that. You made finding it real easy. Jazz

hey, that was awesome. i wish i found that. :P but yeah I'll see you in Computers class mofo.

anyone find scotty doesnt know in mmf format? i'd really appreciate it, and thanks for this link!


I think that we need to get the Mail Mutha Fucka clip to download on a cell phone. That would be bad ass to have for when somebody text messages you!

THX.This wav is for me best too. PS:I´m from Czech Republic from Ostrava-its near by Bratislava and this is real picture of Bratislava :-) [img][/img]

Thanks so much, looking everywhere for this wav, my friend wanted it for x-mas- your the best!!

holy shit lol awesome find man you rock

thanks m8! looking 50 years for that tune... you're great!!

Anyone know how to get this sound as a ringtone?

thanks man this is so f**king great

Way to go man. U save da day!!

how do i make this work for my aol instant mess. using a yahoo email address


someone tell me the site to get mailmotherfucker

to add to this long list of praise, thanks for hosting

If you need MailMotherfucker as a phone ringer there is a few things to try. Become a member of or try I make my own ringers for my phone and MailMotherFucker is on it! if you have any questions

how do i get scotty doesnt know for a ring tone. pleasssssseeeee iv bin trying for ever.

what was the program he was using? ["ANYONE..., ANYONE..." - Ferris Bueller's day off!]

Fucking nice =)

Im looking for the same damn song LOL

oh yeeah thanks dude

DUDE!!! FINALLY!!!! i Finally got a hold of !Mail mothafucka! yes!!! haha! thanks!!!

dude, can you send me the "mail mutha fucka"... thing

er vince if you click on the link above you can download it all on your own

Dude... I'm so glad to have found this.. i swear i was on the cingular website looking for this forever. now, i just need to learn how to put this on my phone... i'm excited.. it'll be awesome... i think that i need "scotty doesn't know" now.. thanks for putting it on here..

This is awesome I thought of getting this sound for messenger when I get mail and when I searched it, it was like the second link. I thought it was going to take me forever to find it but this is awesome thnx man

hey can ya send me the mail motherfucker download. that is fuckin awsome .ive been looking for that , for ever !

Hey bro, could you please send me the link for the mail motherfucker wav. Ive been lookin for it everywhere.

Thanks so much to all of you for your time and efforts in creating and searching for that awesome sound clip. Way to pay it forward and brighten so many people's days. Jen from Texas

Aside of "Mail Motherfucker" notice. Have you found or seen anything for Scotty Doesn't Know ringtone anywhere? i found it here but you have to pay... i want to find it for free

this is the shit!! thanks dude!

Your a fucking legend blood

Could someone send me the "Scotty Dosen't Know" ringtone for your a Verizon cell phone. Let me know, if it is good quality I would be willing to pay. Email me at Thanks, Derek

fucking bullshit i need the song

Dude! That is awesome. Finally saw the movie this week and knew I needed that soundbite as soon as I heard it. Thanks a bunch! Now on to finding "Scotty Doesn't Know!"

Thanks for the wav. file. I still luagh every time I hear it.

you are the shit!! thanks for your time!!

dude, you are awesome!!!

hey!!! thanks man...

Hey, can u guys send me the "scotty doesnt know song" i would really appreciate it, thanks.. send it to

does any one know how to add 'mail mutherfucker' to the email client called incredimail...i have this but dont know how to incorporate them...thanx guys..

Hey i was wanting to find out how i can get the you got mail motherfucker ringtone downloaded to my cell. email me

i actually made this file the day after the movie came out in the theaters. amazing how many others are claiming they made the sound file...

doesnt look like you have many girls on this comment list; though I just scrolled down. Well thank you so much for putting that sound bite on here. I was looking for it as well. You really cant get a better sound bite and the movie is awsome so I guess I fall into the 16 year old maturity level as well (Im actually 20). Agian thanks a million.

Dude i cant get the damn sound

Dude this sux i cant get the sound u gotta send me sumthin so i can get it

You are a GOD, my gyrl and I goign to laugh our asses off everytime get email now.... Come on join up and help us get some mail...

How can i get the mail motherfucker rintone to a motorola v400? PLEASE Anyone Ive been looking for months

really good motherfucking movie

so the fuck do i think dirty gert (gd)

Does anyone still have the sound bit from Green Head Watercooler News I'm looking for that one. If someone has it can you email it to me at Thanks.


Can someone text me or send me the "mail mothafucka" ringtone to my phone? I have a motorola v400. I have been looking like crazy for it. has it but it doesnt allow it to cingular customers :(

fuckin legend man since euro trip all I've wanted to do is fuck that hot chick in the spa at the start.. Everytime this play I think of her sweet pussy

Damn i guess no one can help me? :(

Thanks dude,

Yo where can I find the scotty doent know as an MP3????? email me at

I saw the movie today in the class (laptop) and me and all of my classmeats try to find this thank u!!!!!

yo! thanks a lot man!!! we should have more people like u in web!! oh.. I almost forgot: "bip bip, mail motherfu**er" :):):)

it rocks dude, like others before me just have to say thanks. nice action.

hey where can i get the scotty dosen't know ringtone??? email me

Where can i get the mail motherfucker sound bite for my v180 cell phone

Where can i get the mail motherfucker sound bite for my v180 cell phone please email me at

My Computer says that it is not in .wav form

Never Mind. I got it. thanks man. Mail Motherfucker

Whenever you get the ringtone e-mail me at

Still Looking, If you have found it please email me thank you

been looking for the mail motherfucker for a while but how do i get my mail notifier to say it

Thanks bro,i laugh my ass every time i get mail now,let me know when you get the ringtone bro,cant wait for that to go off in church,nah just kidding

YOU ARE A GOD! Good job on scaveging the Mail Motherfucker line -- works perfectly on my AOL account -- you're my hero!

Hey is there a way to Get it Converted to QCP file so i can send it to my Phone?

--Thanks bro,i laugh my ass every time i get mail now,-- indeed lol. Great movie, my dad said he wanted that wav too when he gets mail, so I searched "mail motherfucker" on google and here I am, already 'installed' the sound on my computer and on my dad's computer. Thanks a lot!

Hey, like everyone else, I'm trying to get it downloaded. Hit me up at and let me know how to go about this, please?!? 'Preciate it!

i want to put this on my phone can you help me

i want to put this on my phone can you help me i saw someone in my school that has it when he recieved a tex can you email me at and tell me if i can do that thanks

Does anyone have a soundbite of the holligan on the bus cursing? I played that scene three times last night and all i can remember is him saying "...and then i told her to lick my yarballs" And the guy going "you take swearing to a whole different level here."

Did anyone find Scotty dosent know in real music ringtone? MP3 will work fine as well.

wow...I've been looking for this sound everywhere...and I'm quite good at finding stuff on the net....but this sound file was impossible to find..... Thanks man......U kick arse...

You're the man. Thanx.

you have the scotty doesnt know ring tone? if so can i have it?? please me AIM name is shariblueberry and my email address is thanks.

Awesome, you rule!!! -Thanks

yeah dawg this is the best sound clip ever

I want mail motha fucka for my cell messages but the V220 i have doesnt record sound....Send me the clip somebody - maybe somebody could tell me how to send it to the phone? THX Doc....

Hmmm... ive had this soundclip for awhile now and i was thinking about trying to create a whole sound scheme for email and windows using the "Mr. T" voice... neways thanks for the clip ^^


THANKS HOMIE! you are the shit muthafucka

fuckin a

How in the hell do i get this mail motha fucka soundclip for my phone as a rigtone for voice messages? I have a v300. My phone records sound but i cant set recordings as a ringtone and i want this sound really bad for my phone. How do i get it? Someone tell me please. Somebody tell me how to get this on my phone as a ringtone. much love to whoever gets this sound to my phone. Late!

Where can I get the "Mail Mutha Fucka" sound for my Motorola v400 cell phone? Please e-mail me at please! thanks....... i REALLY want this for my text message tone


AWESOME dude .... was looking for this sound.... Thanks...

I have this mail motherfucker wav file on my computer, but I don't know where I can get it for text messages on my phone. If anyone knows anywhere other than mobango where you have to sign up for $25, please email me at Thanks a lot!

hahaha dude when i watched the movie i cracked up laughing then during school when i completely forgot about it someone reminded me and we laugh so hard everytime we talk about it. finally decided to get off my arse and found it here hahaha i have it on msn and on my fone hahaha

YOU ROCK i've been looking for this for ages!

that's some great shit!

gracias, thanks for this.

10x for the e-mail sound "mail mother****" but were can i find the e-mail chat used in eurotrip ?? I hope you can help me

I've been trying like hell to find the eurotrip "Mail Mother Fucker" for my computer. can you tell me where i can find it and how to download it to my computer? Thanks a million!

thanks for the mail mother fucker, I've been looking for it for a while.

i cant save it. how can i save it so i can use it as a yahoo mail notifier? someone pls help.

i need it on my phone. please tell me how

Need to add Mail mother Fuck to my incredimail any one knows how?

How do i get the mail notherfucker on my cell phone, hit me up...My email is

when i saw that movie and i heard the mail motherfucker i said to my self i have to get it and i still can't find it please send me an email i want it for my phone which is a LG 1400 and my computer thanks

EXELLENT!!! had to convert it to an mp3 in sony batch convertor. but well worth the hassel

Einstein, sheer fucking Einstein!

thx for the mail mofo, been looking everywhere for it. u da man

Does anyone know where to get the "mail motherfucker" download for a cell phone? I've been looking all over and can't find it. If you know where to find it, could you please e-mail me at Thank you.

Loved the movie and it just hit me today to look for the Mail mo fo wav. Thanks for your efforts, it will get used!

Thanks for the sound effect.. you're my new hero

good stuff man thanx

hay can you email that "mail mother fucker" ringtone to me? thanks champ

Fuckin love it

hey i m from greece and grat fan of eurotrip... can anyone send me the mail motherfucker sound for both computer and mobile...

oh i forgot my email adress is

...Why the heck does everyone need it emailed to them? Just right click, Save Target As and save it...

Thanks a lot - i laugh everytime i hear it

Thanks a lot for the clip!!! I saw the movie and I thought the clip was so cool that I recorded my own version. It didn't sound as cool as the original so I googled for the clip and found your webpage. Thanks again for saving my time.

How do i get the mail notherfucker on my cell phone, hit me up...My email is

How do i get the mail notherfucker on my cell phone, hit me up...My email is phone is motorola v180

does anyone know how to get it to say that on yahoo email??? or if you can even do that?

how do i get the mail motherfucker on my cell phone? my email is and the phone is a sanyo 8200

I want to know how can I get this messages on my cell phone I have a sprint sanyo pm-8200 can someone please send me a email telling me how to do it thanks.

hey can someone please send me a e-mail telling me how to put mail mutha fucker on my sprint sanyo pm-8200 my e-mail address is thank you

Why is this file so hard to find? Thanks for hosting it!


fucking thank u so much bin looking every were for this

How can I put this on my motorola razr cellphone? Please email me

Kick ass sound for text messages dude! Thx a bunch!

How do i put this on my motorola v3 razr? please email me at

Best line of the whole movie. Thanks

Just got a new phone and thought of this for the SMS tone....found this site straight away, thanks!

Hey i just thougt if someone can tell me if you can get a program that pops up just like the one scott has... can anyone tell me that ? Thanks ;)

Thx dude~ i've been lookin 4 this all over the internet. now i have to figure out how 2 put this 2 my incredimail. thx again, it's awesome~

hey man could u hook me up with that "mail mothafucka" eurotrip .wav if u have the time? Jus send it to my email address if u got a sec. thanks alot man

How can I put this on my motorola razr cellphone? Please email me

How can I download this to both of my cell phones. My boyfriend and I love it but can't find a site that supports Verizon Wireless that has it as a download for a Motorola V276 and Samsung A630. Please help

Either by an USB cable between ur phones and the computer or by connecting your phones external memory card to ur computer. If ur computer has an IR (gate)? that could work as well as bluetooth. IR is probably ur best bet and works well most of the time. "Mail motherfucker" can also be found with 2 beeps infront of the words on this url : pardon my spelling but Im foreign:P


Brate, ziv bio, golem ti porast'o, svaka ti dala i na vreme dobila :) Long live :) God bless you :) Greeting's from Belgrade, Serbia...

taj fazon brate... every time i get mail... i laught like crazy-ass :) download, people, respect from, belgrade, dorcol ;)

ever since i woke up around 3 am with Showtime on and watched Eurotrip out of one bloodshot eye, i have wanted this soundbite, and now i do, you are great, you are awesome *bows* we are not worthy

THANK YOU!!! been looking on and off for this clip for ages!! U R A STAR

How do i put this on my motorola v3 razr? please email me at

Thanks! You the man!


hey i love this clip it is bad how do i get on my cell?

Nice :D

you.........mouther fucker ...u did it ....i was also searching for the mail notifier ....its really...awesome ....mother fucker

you rock, could you email it to me because i can't seem to get it to stick thanks

OMG, i've been looking for this forever!! Thanks a ton!

Help me please I want to find my friends

Help me please I want to find my friends

Thanks mane! Im going to use this on my mobile!

I just found a site that has every sound clip you could want from the movie: enjoy!!!

how do i set this to my AOL email?

Im feeling a little stupid but for some reason I can save the .wav just the url... Could you please send me the .wav to my email. Thanks!!! That is 2 under scores...THKs

your awesome. it goes without saying finnally the file without having to join up to some bullshit server. xo


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