It takes a village...

So Whistler happened. Overall, I wasn't terribly impressed with the snow. More like a crunchy frozen crap than snow. It was too bad really since the areas that were crunchy and frozen to the point of being unskiiable would have been pretty fun in fresh powder. That's the price of having a mountain on the coast I suppose.

The village, however, was definately nicer than the one at Silver Star. Well, depending on your mood I suppose. It was certainly bigger. It had it's one Crepe restaurant, several nice clubs and bars, plus not one but TWO cosmetic surgery clinic. Because, you know, that's what I look for in a good ski resort :)

The trip was fun even if the skiing kind of sucked. Valentine's day out at the stinky beagle (not the actual club name, just what I remember) was fun, good music to dance too even if the dance floor was kind of small. I found out that Kristen - whom I hardly knew, and still don't know very well - is a phenomenal snowboarder. I tried to keep up with her on the second day and failed miserably. Her brother is even better than she is. I stuck with Sherry, Matt and Jennie on the bunny slopes instead. It wasn't exactly challenging, but it was certainly more fun than running into trees (which I did again). So was it worth the 5-6 hour drive both ways? hard to say for only a day and a half. For a three day weekend it would be fine, but for this trip I think I spent more time driving than skiing. But I did have fun while I was there.

In other news, my boss had a baby - well his wife did. 7 pounds, 12 ounces of little girl. Congrats Dave.


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