New Toy!

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Ahh, a weekend marked by random korean nights and playing with my new toy - there's nothing better.
Addie looking curiously at her master's new toy. I finally caved and bought the phone I wanted. It probably won't get any better reception at work, and the camera's photos aren't exactly crystal clear (witness if you click to see the larger image) but still fun to play with :)

Matt belting out a tune at the Korean kareoke place. The picture's all grainy because 1) the camera isn't the best (see above) and 2) any time a song came on the lights automatically went out and the disco ball started up. It was actually really fun. The machine rated you on some arbitrary scale - we always got in the 90s - but Monica and I managed to squeak out a perfect 100 for our duet on Barbie Girl with much help from Justyn in the booming male voice department.

Gatto - or whatever his new name is - Pat's cat - has fun with the toilet paper. I just liked that he tried to look innocent by hiding behind the door just 2 feet from the massive pile of unrolled tissue.


How come nobody called me????!!!!

because we don't like you. Besides, weren't you busy "getting into trouble" ? :)

You really should have stayed for the movie. It was like a cross between Freaky Friday and Trading Places, except that it was a romantic comedy and Korean. Pat's performance drew applause from the audience. And where are the rest of the pictures? Not lost like the sound clips hopefully were...

This was supposed to be just a small sampling-o-pictures. I do have the rest of the ones from Kareoke still on the phone. The sound clips sadly were not extractable so no sharing of the moving "Fernando" performance.



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