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I changed the layout ever so subtly - can you tell? I liked the look of this site and so "borrowed" from it thematically :)

It's input time for anyone who comes across this site. I'm not sure which of 5 top banners I like. I settled on this one for now. click the image to rotate through them, tell me which you like. I may just have them change with the day or something, though that seems excessive.

Also, the gray pictures in the background are static for now while my web hosting company resolves an issue with PHP's dynamic image creation. After that they'll sort of rotate randomly.

Yeah, I should probably finish converting the entire site to the new layout before changing that, but at least this test the ability for easy change. It was, just three files to change. plus this was more interesting to work on :)

Heading back to rome in april, I can't wait. I have to choose between waking up early on wednesday - I mean REALLY early - or spending a night in denmark. I'm leaning towards NOT denmark at this point since it'll give me that much more time in rome and those cursed danes stole my maces oh so long ago. bah.


I like the red backing the best, but the coral seems to incorporate the kraken theme the best.

The green jut of land into the ocean. Yeah.

Whoa, what a change! Scrolled the banners, and I agree on this or the corral shot. For the grey images, is there a way to make them slightly bigger (perhaps fewer)the better to get the feel of the shot? Aging eyes and all that you know.

I like the collage surround, but the title bar doesn't seem to match the feel. The images available are really cool though. :)

The background may not stay. I was just playing around with it. Another option is to have the images tinted a color - I can even have them tinted to match whatever banner is displayed - how's that for excessive? :)

Sorry about the error when posting a comment, it should be fixed now.

One thing you may want to consider is embedding a randomizer in the header. You can have it pick and choose form the five banners that you have, so that each visit to the site will be sublty different. BTW, this new design is really nice.

I like it aesthetically, although I get long very stretched images at the bottom of the page, most likely from our stupid work macs. The page is lacking the kraken-esque quality of old times though. Where is my one eyed pirate kraken? I miss him.

Yeah, I'm working the one eyed tenticled guy back into the design, just not sure how yet. wish I knew who "stupid" was, but thanks :) Since I don't track sessions now I may just have it switch on the day, I don't want it switching every time you change a page.

Red one. End of discussion. Please close this forum :)

I like the blue one and the green one. They both infuse a refreshing shot of vivid color.

I like the fact that Jeni is biting Laura's neck on your background. Either I cannot find Addie in the pics, or you love your dog less that I thought. Shame on one of us...

Wow, both your mom and Martin agree with me on seperate

Your screen isn't big enough tiff - addie is back there, twice actually - once by herself and once playing with Adolph. And as I mentioned, once my webhost stops returning an error on imagecreatefromjpeg() then the pictures will rotate and you'll see addie whenever the fates deem it so :) So what's the thought, keep the side pictures just grey or tint them with color? Sorry Martin, the discussion stays open :)

I vote for grey, it has that "timeless kodak moment" about it. My random mood swing for today says that I should retract my initial comment and vote for the tropical isle header. It reminds me of someplace in the high southern latitudinous, and therefore is quite kraken-like. I do agree with Aimee that nothing makes up for the lack of the Kraken himself. Maybe he can be one of the rotating images? Yarr.

Don't forget half a pind of ether and 20 pills of mescaline... You know, for good measure.

Dammit!! It's supposed to be pinT not pinD!

Reeeddd... I want red! Can I send you my ip address Zack and could you please hard-code it so I see the red banner... :) The rest of you can fight over whatever color... :p

Yeah, go with gray. Either that or grey. And I like the tropical isle header best as well. Moni's mood swing is in good taste.

Given the banner's use of color, I would opt for a slight tint of the pics. Possibly a blue... The coral header is the most kraken related but, as you metioned, the placement of another kraken-like object would be acceptable :). Sill gotta like that red header the best. It's the contrast with the Arr logo that is the clincher for me. One of the land/water photo's obliterates an "r". As for Addie, the lack of it on my comp is making me sad. Since I know of nothing I can do to change the display, I will whine.

And by "my comp" I mean Aim's...which I constantly covet.

the images now rotate - you should see dogs more often Tiff.



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