I apparently forgot to set up my hotmail account to just delete all junkmail (which is all mail since I don't use it for anything other than Messenger). I noticed I had 84 pieces of mail waiting for me so went to delete them and just scanned the subject lines. Lots of ways to get out of debt, apparently horney women from ages 18 to 80 (*shudder*), and ways to "upsize my manhood". All pretty bland except one of the male enhancment subject lines was "Enhance The Twig & Berries".

You don't often see british slang in spam, I kind of liked it. Oh it got deleted, but not before I imagined an onslaught of Austin Powers'-esque spam.

Maximize the wedding tackle
Massive Meat and Two Vegg
48 karat Family Jewels
Tremendous Tallywhackers
They'll call you Tripod

Well you get the idea.


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