Free at last

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Today is an important day. Today is the first day Aimee doesn't ever have to go back to her job.

Congrats Aims :)

Learn to love the life of sloth. Get on unemployment and then spend your weeks applying for nuclear physicist and CEO positions. Sleep until noon and eat waffles for dinner.

Oh, and come play with the puppies any time you want :)


Oh yeah. The waffles. I'd forgotten about those.

Actually...she's been on the road since yesterday. In fact, she should be hitting California fairly soon; if she hasn't already. It's not Paris, know ;).

Oh, and she's still working for them part time...or whenever she feels like it. Part time with psychos...mmmmm.

Congrats, Aim. See if you can draw it out as long as i did.

Mmmmm. California waffles...

Aims called today. She was "in a store that was all things Snoopy, and I don't know what to do with myself!". I think the Cali trip is going just fine. No metion of waffles, though. Then again, she does have that Snoopy waffle maker (c/o Zack). From working 18 hour days.

Yes, but does it make California Snoopy waffles?

Yea Aimee! Congrats on getting out a dysfunctional lab job. On to greater things... like time off.

Yay no more work! Thanks for the congrats! Should be back from California in a few days. And you would never think you could get so overwhelmed from a cartoon dog! But then, you all know me... Back to fun in sun land... now I want to find California Snoopy waffles.


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