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So I failed utterly at going snowboarding last wednesday and two wednesday's prior to that. So I was going to go today for sure! I asked my tempo-boss to be able to leave at least on time today. I had no fewer than 4 people reminding me to pack my gear last night and this morning - and I actually remembered to bring it to work. So I'm rewarded with a call from Sherry that her friends who are already up on the mountain say that night skiing is off for the rest of the season. So close.

Oh well, it's mid 60's down here so it's not like the snow would have been spectacular but it still would have been fun. At least it's been replaced by an italian dinner so the evening isn't a complete loss.

I wonder if I should wear my ski gear to the restaurant? No, better not. Lifetime ban from one italian restaurant is enough for me.


And which Italian restaurant is that?

odd how many people want to know that. I don't remember the name, it's the one that's under the seven gables landmark theater - or probably easier to find - across the street from "Tubs" :)

Wow... you are banned from MammaMia or whatever it's called? This is one of my favorite italian restaurants in Seattle!! :) What did you do?

No, actually it turns out I've completely mis understood the question. The Italian restaurant that I went to was Mamma Mia, the one I can no longer darken the door of shall remain nameless

Is this the painful memory lodged deep in my brain as well?

If it is, Pat...you have to tell us!

I knew it was Mamma Melina's - Sherry had to call me to get the name. As for the restaurant that will remain nameless - what did you do?

Wow, Justyn, aren't you special :p? Still, I do concur on the story. Out with it Zack (or Pat)!

Actually Tiff, I think that you just might know of the Italian restaurant in question. If memory serves, you were present that evening.

Arr? I don't think so, but apparently only Zack has the difinitve answer. The only Italian restaraunt nightmare I can think of involved Thane.

Oh, and on that night, Moni's Jason had done more than Zack could ever do.

Tiff, you'll have to be more specific. Are you referring to the place on lake city way where the waitress threatened to beat him with a spoon, or the night at Beppos where he dined at someone else's table? I too am curious what Zack could have possibly done to get banned from a restaurant.

The Lake City one where Thane tried his best to be absorbed into bench he was sitting on and thus cease to exist. I had totally forgotten about the Beppos incident. Wow, we should all either go to Italian restaraunts more often for fun or make a pact to never ever go again. Either way, I find it hard to believe that Zack is banned from somewhere....after all, Jason's still allowed in most places... So, Zack, what's the story?

The Olive Garden. Bill. Fried Cheese. Just kidding.

Zack: you're a tease. :) Tiff: I'm sure Jason has been banned by more than one establishment, including mine. And while I agree that we should all go to italian restaurants more often, it might not be as exciting as days of yore considering no one really has a psychotic SigO. :)

Look at my taste in men, Moni...I'll find one soon enough!


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