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With my boss out I'm acting "face man" for our little group - whenever we have to deal with other people laregly I'm the person to do the dealing. Over the last two weeks I've had to work with one of the marketing girls here for some party registration deal - details aren't important. As a rule, everyone in marketing is usually pretty attractive, she's no exception. When the guys first saw who I was working with their jaws dropped a little but one of them commented, "Yeah she's hot, but you know somewhere, there's someone who's sick of all of her shit". I know where they're coming from now :)

I don't outright hate her, or even dislike her, I'm just sort of puzzled as to how she and the people she communcates can miss such fundamental points over and over and OVER again.

This party thing basically consisted of sending out a fancy email with what amounted to "If you want to come to the party, click here" in it. People reply to this message (without clicking) saying they'd like to come. She then dutifully sends that reply - original message intact - on to me to update our database showing that these people want to come. I click the link.

I do work so very hard for my money.


Of course, all I can think about when reading this is the real "Face Man" from the A-Team. Where has all the good tv gone? Happy (belated) birthday. Sorry I couldn't make it - looks like it was a lot of fun. C'est la vie.


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