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St. Patricks day was fun, while we didn't get into the bar we wanted to the one we did end up getting in to was decently crowded and interesting enough to occupy us for 5 hours. 5 hours in a bar for a sober guy is a long time normally, so it's a testiment that the entire time was fun. Anyway, there's really no point to this other than sharing more pictures from my phone :)

Kristin somewhat enjoying getting her face painted, Jennie having a better time with it, and Bagpipe man who played right in front of us because he liked Kristin's shirt


The dream, continued. A few tie-ins to the dice rollingand dragon stuff: Anime for Matt, Techno for Moni, translation problems for Zack, and an extra for all: Enjoy. Yes, you must watch them all.

Sorry for the cutting-and-pasting.

your post offends me. I edit it with my uber-powers so the links are actual links. Mostly because I'm lazy


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