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I beat my dream last night, but someone forgot to include the end movie.

We're waiting in a town below a castle for a shipment of red oreos to arrive (produced in the castle). Eventually the long conveyor belt starts up and slowly the giant black crates wigh GC stamped on them make their way down from the castle. We wait in our room until the crates arrive at the loading dock then head down to pick them up. After the first few crates we open one up and find out the oreos are black and that half of the people delivering them are ninja assasins. After quickly dispatching these low level assasins we arm ourselves with pistols and knives and proceed up the still running conveyor belt to the castle.

Once in the now smaller castle we break off into teams and go about dispatching higher level ninjas, I run out of ammo so have to use my knife twice. it is unpleasant. We're down to the last room - the one where the oreos are produced - no one really knows what to expect. All of a sudden there's a call over the radio, one of the team as deciphered the clue, we have to leave all of our enchanted items outside the door before heading down the stairs - yes that means my knife too. If we don't we'll set off the trap and all die. We do. The radio guy also says that there will be a maze of little troughs on the floor filled with death and we have to make sure to jump over them or we'll all die.

After decending the stairs we're faced with the small maze that is easy to traverse and a giant wall that's sort of foggy and crackling with lightning. Scott and I decide to face whatever the wall holds. Shapes and words and screaming things seem to come flying at us from the wall but we manage to deflect them with our own shapes and words and whatever produced somehow by shaking our fists in the right manner. I'm taking more hits from things than scott is but we're near the end, it's just words and giant people now. We deflect the word "Clay Aiken" and a giant half naked woman. We've won!

Then nothing. Absolutly nothing. no one is there, it's just blank all around. I'm still in my dream and the first thing I think is, "what the hell, where is the end cut scene?" then I think, "wait, I'm dreaming. Man this is messed up."

Even though this is a lucid dream - I know I'm dreaming - I can't make myself dream of anything else other than nothing. I wake up. look at the clock. back to sleep, still nothing. For the next hour and a half all I can dream of is grey. Finally I drift into some short term dream about needing a visa to get into korea and wake up quickly.

I think I broke my brain.


Ahhahaha. Umm, on a strangely sorta-related note, I had a zombie dream last night (you know, one zombie scratched someone, then that person became a zombie, etc) and I knew that the only place I could get the right weapons to eliminate said zombies was from the sword and knife collection you had in your basement. Of course. One katana and a couple of jeweled scimitars did the trick (although you may want to get those blown glass klingon knives sharpened in case this ever happens again). Many thanks Zack. ;)

You wake in a fog. The last thing you remember is meeting a cloaked figure in a pub, drinking from his mysterious stein, and then blackness. Your current surroundings are now quite different and foreign. A deserted and forsaken landscape greets you at every turn. In every direnction, nothing but a desolate, unpopulated world looks back a you. You are struck with grief as you realize your fate. You have been kidnapped to the land of Geekdom, and it is unlikely that you shall see other humans ever again (except maybe at conventions). Your only items are a 1 litre bottle of Mountain Dew, three scuzzy cables, two anime DVD's, five "cool links", and an enchanted knife...which is dull (thanks a lot, Matt). Verily, you shall perish. *Roll dice to see in which direction of Geekdom you shall travel* You roll a 2, you poor sorry bastard. As you begin your journey South, you are greeted by a fierce AddieDog (hp 382, lv 12) demanding that you walk her. Should you fail, she will whine, pee on your leg, and you shall become part of her territory. *Roll dice * ----------------------------------------- The above will probably cheese off my friends...but Miles will laugh at it, and that makes it worth it :). From soon to be geeks.

Very nice stuff. Comments thus far have been good as well. However, I only have 2 thoughts to add to the whole entry. 1) Did you ever come across those red oreos you were looking for? and B) Did any OSHA representatives number amongst the slain?

I assume the red oreos would have been mentioned in the ending cut scene that never happened. I'm still trying to figure out the rules to that last puzzle. It was like tetris on crack.

For some reason I thought that Matt wrote the first comment. I guess my accusations about dulling an enchanted knife should go to Moni. Hmmm...maybe I should apologize. *Rolls dice* "Tiff gets eaten by a dragon." This sucketh.

Umm, dragons don't eat people raw

*Rolls dice* Matt is eaten by the dragon....raw...with a nice merlot.

DUDE I think we should put Friday night D&D on hold for a seems to be inducing psychosis. Actually, psychotic people are fun to watch. Let's switch to twice a week! --Tony

Tiff - you're not online, I can't tell you how to log in! Come on, Aimee's got a computer JUST so you can log in to instant messanger and pretend to be here and befuddle your mutual friends.

I've always wanted to be sashimi. Of course unless the dragon had some rice as well.

I protest! The knives were dull when I found them (Hence I could not use them against the zombies). You know things are bad when the dice stop rolling.

Matt- Sorry about the eating...that's just what you get. Zack- I'll add you to my contacts...but I just worked 106 hours in two weeks with only three days off. Moni- Pony up to the responsibility...we all know you dulled the knives trying to cut through lead pipe ala the ginzu commercials. *Rolls dice* Tiff will work more insane hours as her boss takes care of a death in the kidding.

Tiff slays matt, just for the fun of it. On matt's rice covered corpse she finds. *rolls dice* A new email address. Once she gets a few moments I'll tell her how to check it. Monica, smelling fresh blood, rummages through matt's pockets and finds... a length of rope (tied into a monkey's fist) and an odd metal tool which appears to be used to rip the tops off of bottles.

With my last breath I spit at all of you! Ye e-mail address garners, pocket rummagers, and web administrators!


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