nutritional value?

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So I'm stading in the line at Fred Meyer to use their automated checkout booths. I'm second in line behind an indian couple, the man is looking around aimlessly while the woman stares intently at what's in her hand. She's carrying a half gallon of orange juice, two individual servings of string cheese and a box of condoms. She's actually reading the back on the box of condoms. I know what a box of condoms looks like, the back isn't really all that interesting.

So I start to wonder; Is she reading the directions? Looking for pointers? Reading over and over again that they're ribbed for her pleasure? Perhaps, given that the other three items were food, she was looking for the caloric quantity per serving of latex? The world may never know.

I resisted the urge to use my camera phone.


I'll bet that she was buying the other items as "cover"

Were they flavored? :) Flavors might have some calories... Or maybe she was checking if this was the "LOW CARB" version that is becoming so popular in the food sections...

Condoms are part of the Atkins diet?

Maybe she had been recently chastised for rolling one on her man backwards and was checking the instructions to make sure her technique was properly corrected. Or maybe they were for her son/nephew/friend (what a liberal and socially concerned mom/aunt/friend!) and she was doing her homework so she could describe their use properly. Maybe she was checking to see if it had nonoxynol-9 because she's allergic. Maybe she has no exposure to porn or erotic stories, so reading the back of the box was the best she could do.


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