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People don't like to be photographed. Or I should say, most people don't like to be photographed when they don't know WHY they're being photographed. I got my replacement digital camera for my birthday and was running it through it's paces to make sure it was the one I wanted and so tried to take pictures of, well, anything. About the only things that were willing subjects were stationary objects. Regardless, so far it looks like the Canon SD-10 is going to be a good fit for me. Tiny so I can actually fit it in my pocket but produces pretty good pictures. This weekend is the gauntlet weekend of the birthday gauntlet (4 birthdays) so hopefully some willing human subjects will come forward. Until then, a pictorial of my morning commute - hey at least I'm not driving with bungie cords.

The mass of crap that came out of the garage waiting for me to sort. Various pictures and krakens too.

The other side of my room. Aboriginal shield, nose bookends and a bunch of harry potter and dune books.

The recently de-tabled dining room. Catching a color theme?

Eventually we'll poor a patio, then the hut tub will have a new home. Eventually.

Addie enjoy's breakfast.

My hulking SUV. Soon to be replaced by the ford Hybrid Escape (as soon as it's available for purchase at least).

Husky Stadium taken from a moving car. Go Dawgs!

Beautiful stormy lake washington from the 520 floating bridge.

My building. One of 5 on this satellite campus. Man I work for a big company.

Autographed starwars posters. I elected not to photograph the episode 1 and 2 posters because, well, they suck.

And finally - hard at work.


pour, not poor hot, not hut me like yellow puppy!


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