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We went to a tex-mex restaurant called Barbacoa for my birthday dinner and man was it good. Huge thanks to Miles for recommending it. I had peacan catfish, there were spicy ribs, slow cooked briskit, chicken, "funditos", just tons of good stuff. I don't think there was anything less than excellent on the whole menu. Desert was a nice proper key lime pie that was so, uh, limey that it made your mouth water. As Matt put it, it was the desert that fought back. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I got a nice turnout for only giving a days notice, plus since the restaurant only holds about 25 people we had more than half the place to ourselves. The birthdayish celebrations continue with a planned night out dancing next weekend. Woohoo!

Anyway, Pictures are here:


I'm sorry Justin and I couldn't make it, it looks like it was a good time. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday.

It was fun. Hey tiff, does your phantomgeek address still work? I got a message back (late) saying it couldn't deliver and would try again in 24 hours.

Greetings from Guam I found your site while looking for "Mail Motherfucker" Love that sound bite! Good work on the Duff costume ;)

Nope, it doesn't. Although now I don't feel like a total social pariah. Do you have my cell? Oh well, still haven't had time to get your present. Damn March babies, you're everywhere.

Welcome to Joanne, hooray for more random people wondering if I was dropped on my head as a child (I was). Sorry Tiff, I don't have your cel phone number. Since you have no phantomgeek anymore, do you want an ATK address?

Me turn down a pirate related addy? Of course I'll take one, thanks.

Happy Birthday again. Went through the slide show. Man, when some people (Laura) smile, they look REALLY happy. Me, I look like I'm just trying to be polite until you get the damn camera outta my face.


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