My Weekend

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If pictures are worth a thousands words than this is by far my longest post ever :) Click for larger versions.

My weekend.

Attended Martin's birthday party after waking up at 4:30am - I finally went to sleep around 2:00am. at least it helped kick the jetlag. Someone counted, peak attendance was 78 people. Happy birthday bro!

Martin gets a gift

Ed says hello

General party

The kitchen

The hottub opens

The girls taunt me

Everyone loves the hottub!

Except martin :)

I'm on fire

Bill says hello

Ed controls the camera...

while martin drinks.

Martin gets his mac on.

and again.

and again!

he just keeps going.

The party gets strange

but even stranger later

The aftermath. we all left martin to clean it up :)

I also got to go paintballing! My first time out, mercifully the welts and bruises were confined to my arms. I was shot dead in the face about 50% of the time. Paintball paint does not taste good - even after being filtered through the airslits in your mask.

Bill joins us after a long night.

Miles in camo.

Me wearily eating pizza

Karstin shows off his battle scars

So is yellow a good color on me?

Justyn happily consumes a powerbar.

And now I'm pleasently tired and cleaned. Unforunately I missed some calls I'd rather not have - and there's the whole work tomorrow thing - such is life.


Martin did not get anything! Not once, not again and again :) Such are joys of being a host to a are just left alone with a mess to clean up ;)


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