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The problem with travelling is Fanta. Everyone seems to like Fanta abroad so you drink it (or it's far superious cousin Orangina). You grow to like Fanta. Then you come home.

Home you can still get Fanta but it's not quite the same. Still you drink it because you're hooked on the damn stuff. Happily consuming Fanta - you're officially a freak. Then you go to work.

Work has orange soda - Slice specifically - you grab a can and you know it's Slice but your brain sends a signal to your tongue saying "expect some Fanta flavor real soon now" and you drink it and it tastes like burning. vile, acidic, artificial in all the wrong ways. Fanta has completely ruined Slice for you.

Beware of Fanta.


Ahh Fanta memories, I remember these. I seem to remember liking lemon the best, but sadly there was nothing even close to approximating the sheer Fanta-ness of it over here, so I gave it up... For now

Urf! I have travelled quite often to a land of sugary, strange drinks and snacks of unbelievable flavors and shapes all of which have no rhyme nor reason to them. Verily I say unto thee: Fanta is vile.

Bah, you know not of what you speak! Fanta is the very nectar of the gods brought to us in carbonated form with exciting packaging.

Save your sheepish comments for another. I know all about Fanta...vile, vile Fanta. Tiff rolls dice and Matt is eaten by a dragon...who does not wash him down with Fanta, but rather chooses and other drink near him...perhaps a Vanilla Pepsi, which is only slightly less vile...

Sheepish! Do not badger me with your waspish statements. Matt examines Tiff's dice and finds that they are loaded. Upon re-rolling (with unadulterated dice), karma rears its head and Tiff turns into a glass... suitable for FANTA!

You are both extremely screwed up. I must consume a dinner of Fanta and Pocky so as appease the two warring factions. Verily, I shall have indigestion.

You cannot examine dice after having been digested. Accept your fate, dragonbait.

I find that I'm somewhat undigestable. free will rules!

The dragon differed in opinion from you. You have been

And it would be "undigestible".

I stand by my previous statement.

Do as you wish, you have the free will to live in denial as the dragon comsumes you.

To the accusation of denial already? I expected better of you Tiff

I cannot help but point out that which you so carelessly display. Also, you're fly is down.

How many years have you been working the theatre circuit? All those great lines from plays, comedy routines, and the like and this is the best you have to offer? No soliloquies about my churlishness or scathing observations of my obstinacy? Hell, I'd even accept the 20 insults from Cyrano de'Bergerac thrown at me. But no, it is not to be. And it's your, not you're when one is referring to someone's fly.

And I see now the true danger of Fanta. Turning friend against friend. The taunts may be cleverly worded, but reek of schoolyard familiarity. Damn you Fanta, damn you!!

I move for a new topic

Matt and I always resort to this. It's probably why we don't talk much.

What's this REALLY about, you two?

Your field, Tony.


Ahh, Fanta - I must disagree with Tiff and proclaim that it truly is the nectar of the Gods. Unfortunately, not only can you rarely find it here, but you can only find Orange, not the bounty of various fruit flavors offered in Europe and other more civilized nations around the globe.

I remember this. i prefer Orangina too. plus it comes in that AWESOME orange shaped bottle!

Sarah. Sarah Bell? If so, how's spain?


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