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Martin got me a couple of posters for my office for my birthday. It's actually a really nice gift since before then all I had to look at was bare white walls or the occasional scribblings on the whiteboard (conveniently located 180 degrees behind me). One of them is a nice little seascape of Tahiti and I figured it would be nice to look at so I placed it right next to my monitor, low to the surface of the desk (you can see it in the picture). Only problem is that I see it all the time now. ALL THE TIME.

I'm sitting here and any time I'm working on something that isn't completly riveting I glance over and see a little sailboat bobbing in the water in a secluded cove on some tropical island. It's not real helpful for making me want to stay at work, I think the poster is going to have to move :)

But adventures await. I'm a little over a grand poorer now but well outfitted (mostly) for my impending climb in Equador. And I mean really, every needs their own ice axe, right?


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for that Mail Motherfucker file that you posted oh so long ago. I've been looking for it for a while. My life is now complete. I guess i'll go have a sandwich. Farewell.


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